You Could Start Your New Years Day Resolution Today

It is 2 days before Thanksgiving here in New York, a day when families comes together to give thanks.But it is also a day that many people kickoff the Holiday season.

We head into this time of the year saying things like “right after the holidays I will lose that weight”. I will watch what I will eat this year but soon all the goodies come out and we find ourselves eating just for the sake of eating.

I love sundae’s not the day but the ice cream sundae :). I could eat sundae’s on Mondays,Tuesdays ,Wednesdays and so on right into Sunday.

But this year for sure New Years Day I will start my diet and lose all the weight and fat that I put on during the holidays.. Come on you know you have said this… I know I have said it many times and for many years.

So what will you choose this year ? What if I could give you a great solution and start your New Years Day Resolution today and still enjoy the holidays. Oh yes you can still go to Thanksgiving Dinner with your Family and friends but start to be aware of the bad foods.

Do you know when people lose weight they lose 50% muscle and 50% weight . What if by New Years Day you lost some fat and weight .What if your friends already noticed you loss some inches. What if guys you could button your suit and Ladies you fit into that great holiday outfit. Let me tell you a great little story and how this can happen for you.

Well back in May of 2008 I ran into a good friend Ray Robbins from Dallas Texas. I quickly noticed that he had lost a ton of weight. He explain that it wasn’t about the weight but about the amount of fat he lost. I was impressed and said ,”hey I need this product”. He told me it was in testing and he would let me know when it came available.

This was a picture of me around March in 2008. Now you might say Mike you need to go to the gym and do some exercise. Well I was going to the gym every other day. I also walked several times a week in the park struggling to do 2 miles.. I just couldn’t lose the fat. I am sure you have all tried that already. Don’t get bored now keep reading.

In September of 2008 I attended a meeting and saw Ray again and he looked even better and younger than a few months before when we met in New York. Well They were launching the product and I was so excited about the science and the product that I couldn’t wait to get home and begin the challenge.

Let’s take another look at me September 2008.




When I first started using this product  I felt I better document my progress through video and share it with my close friends. Nothing is better than to let people see the change and boy did I change.I figured that if I could change before New Years Day than the struggle would be so much easier to go through the winter months and not gain more weight. Now I know it is only a few weeks away from New Years Eve but any day could be your New Years Eve but wait until you see me in the 4th week.. This might happen for you too.

I did my First measurement and video on Sept 9,2008 followed by a video a week . Let me show you the first measurement video..


Learn more about this Product, The Science, and the guarantee at

Tomorrow I will show you some of my results and  how to discover how easy this was to get started and stick to it. It is truly amazing and fun………. You will be the talk of the parties this year. Oh How about if you could get this for free… We will talk…..

See you tomorrow and make sure you click on this link and discover some great secrets to losing FAT..

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