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Mike 15First I am so Happy that we found each Other and I always tell people it is no mistake when people meet.

If you came looking for a great opportunity and looking to become a Network Marketing Professional you are on the right path to work with Mike.

If you are already in a Business that you are happy with and just looking to learn how to get more leads for your business and become active in Social Media then I found a solution for everyone in Business… Check this out it will blow you away….  This company was engineered to help you build your primary business opportunity AND profit from the 90% who say NO to your biz opp.

I started in the Industry 25 years ago with a great company which helped me to retire from a full time work day at a very cool age of 42. Freedom Baby Freedom

But then I started to see some trends in business towards all natural health and more important I started to feel older and that stinks. So thank God a good friend introduced me to a company that had a great solution to All Natural Health with Real Science and Real Products.

I have been approached by many companies throughout my career and don’t jump from Company to Company for the next big thing. I choose this company for some very important reasons.

  • First and most important I wanted to regain my energy levels and was totally blown away with how fast my body responded to this Science and Nutrition
  • I wanted to be able to market both Online and Offline in a simple way
  • A Company that wasn’t here today and gone tomorrow that had a great track record
  • I wanted an International Business with a Seamless Compensation Program so I could travel the world and get paid for my efforts no matter where we opened. The opportunity to be able to travel and make a great income at the same time
  • Products that I would buy even If I wasn’t getting paid . This is a very important factor
  • A Product that everyone needs and over 65% of people in the USA are using some form of these products. In fact People all over the world are seeking these types of products
  • They offer 100% guarantee for 180 Days
  • Loyalty Program for all consumers
  • Offers Online and Offline Training
  • A Trustworthy Team of Mentors

I am not sure if any of these points are important to you but they were very important to me when I was making my decision. So if any of these things matter lets connect.

20111006-145128-150x150The first company I received 20 years of Network Marketing  experience from the best mentors in the industry but had one Major Flaw for me. It had to do with the quality of one of the lines of Products. I wanted and was seeking All Natural Solutions for better health.

After learning about All Natural Products and esp. about Glycans I just couldn’t tell people to join my business anymore. It took me 3 months to face up to the fact it can’t just be about money. It has to do with Integrity of both what I am using and saying. I believe your health is the start of your real wealth.


If it is all about the money you will love our company because you don’t need to look over your shoulder about the quality of the products . If it is about products you will love what I am going to share with you..



But either way it is a Business and you will want to achieve all your Dreams and Goals well Money is a key factor and its right up there with oxygen.

It makes life easier to breath.


I am looking to work with the right people who are excited about their future and who are willing to give up some TV time (Just DVR it) to make things happen. The cool thing is no matter if you are in North America ,Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and now opening markets in South America we can work and get paid together.. One Seamless Pay Plan

Technology has finally caught up to the Network Marketing Industry.

A Countries

There is another whole component to our opportunity which has no cost to you and it is totally amazing. “SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP

There are Millions of Children who are suffering or dying of Malnutrition around the world..Well our company is not just about the bottom line but also in helping to be Socially Responsible. We have a program when our clients or partners purchase product on a regular basis they feed a child somewhere in the world.

Now we Have a WIN WIN WIN Opportunity. Your Health ,Finances and a Purpose. Pretty Cool…


So if you answered Yes to anything today and are saying this is me. I want more income, Better health and why not help the kids then let’s connect.

So if you feel you are willing to admit and follow through on the following things let’s talk

  • #1 You Are Coachable
  • You are a Go-Getter — If it is to be its up to me Attitude
  • If you have that Burning Gut DESIRE to Finally Win
  • You Like Being Healthy
  • You Like to Have Fun and are likable


We have a team of Leaders all over the World and a Simple 3 Point Plan Model to Follow. I will also connect you to some of the Leaders in the Social Media World which is part of the Future of Network Marketing. You can learn simple steps to run your business using Social Media along with our Online Leadership Programs..




Simply to end this conversation I am Looking for you and I hope you are looking for a Great Opportunity and a Great International Team.

If you are ready to make your life better and you want to have some fun along the way . Lets Connect…….