Why you need to invest in Social Media has become the Million Dollar question…

In business either in a traditional retail or a Direct Selling company everyone knows that you need to be in the Social Media arena. I have a background in Law Enforcement, the Restaurant Industry and now in the Network Marketing Industry. I have been looking into and hearing about Social Media for the last few years. Being in the Network Marketing Industry for over 25 years and used the best and proven success methods of the Industry. The Industry still had the old Black and White TV mentality about Social Media and how it could help to create leads and customers for your business.

Then the secrets hit me square in the face ……………………This came to me when watching 2 events outside of my Health and Wellness Company. These events were run by Eric Worre the Author of Go Pro. They highlighted the Top Network Marketing Professionals from across the industry and the world.. The events featured panels on Social Media and sit back for this but they were registering new people in their business in the Hundreds on Facebook and other means of Social Media. One lady shared she registered 350 last year on facebook. It slapped me big time in the Face and woke me up that I need to catch up with the times and find out about the Social Media Secrets


Now I wanted to know how they did it and what were the keys,tips and secrets because i just invested about $5000 to learn about Facebook ads and that was kinda a waste.  I wanted to know what these people knew. Why you need to invest in social media is simple it is the future and you need to change with the times..

Now I found the Secret that those leaders were using to build this kind of success in their business and I want everyone to know about these Secrets ..The more people who succeed in our Industry it is better for everyone and every company. It was a group of people from the Network Marketing Industry who got together back in 2007 and formed a group of leaders to teach about Social Media for both our Industry or Traditional Business like even a Pizza Shop.

I decided to Investigate and what I found out is amazing and it will help anyone from the Newbie to the Seasoned Business owner on how to get really engaged in Social Media..

635 x 315 Social MediaSome of the things you will learn are:

  • How to set up a Blog in Minutes
  • How to Brand YOU which is the Key
  • How to Create Content
  • How to Drive Traffic to your site

So click on the this link and Learn in a few Minutes about this exciting group and how to grow your business with Social Media.

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TodayIf you don’t do it now you will be truly wished you had and taught this to your leaders a year from now. Sit back and think Why You need to invest in Social Media

The next few minutes could change your whole business Click here and get the free information

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I am a Retired NYPD Detective,Business Owner and now a Social Entrepreneur... I love to Empower people to bring out their hidden Dreams and help them to go forward in life and accomplish them. I love Coaching people about better health solutions,Time Freedom and becoming part of a great Mission to Help kids who are dying of Malnutrition. Turn off the TV a few hours a week and get started. Let's have a conversation and see what your Hidden Dreams are and let's have fun finding the solution. God Bless Michael Geddes AKA NewYorkMIke

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