Why Start Your Own Home Based Business ? This has always been a question that most people asked themselves sometime in their life.
Well, let me share my story and then give you some reason why you might want to consider started a Home Based Business. If you have read any of my posts you will see in some of them how I started working when I was around 8 years old in a little grocery store unpacking boxes for some extra cash.
The man I worked for his name was Mike too and he told me Michael go to school get a good education starting to sound familiar? But he didn’t say go and get a job he said if you want to be successful own your own business. Now he didn’t get into all the reason why but I want to share some of them with you…

Now I wanted to get into business first to Control my own Hours. Now I did that but in order to control that you really need partners so you can work it out otherwise, you are looking at working 12-16 hour days like I did in the Restaurant business. But having a Home Based business for extra income or full-time income I found you have much more time leverage. You see you can start a Home based business by turning off the TV for a few hours and work with someone who is experienced in your business to help get you started. 2-3 hours a day is better than 12-16 hours a day. This is great for any Baby Boomer, College student or a Millennial who wants to start to secure their full-time incomes. Many Millennials asked, why start your own home based business  and the answer is simple it makes sense.



linked-hands-1308777The next thing that got me excited was I could control who I worked with. If I met someone and didn’t like their attitude I am not going to show them my Business opportunity but they have to be really screwed up because I like to help and give everyone a chance to succeed in Life. The negative one usually disqualifies themselves quickly. I will give you an example. Yesterday I was shopping and met a sharp young person at the Mall. He said he was still in school and was studying to be an accountant. I told him that is a great field and he said yes at least I might be able to get a job. I thought Oh no here is a young guy who is doing something he really doesn’t like so he can get a job and maybe be miserable his entire career. He told me he was from China and I asked him did you ever consider having your own business ? He said no so I asked if any of his friends in China might be open to a business opportunity and he said no most of my friends just like to get home and watch TV and hang out. WOW… He confirmed what most people do when they don’t like something they make sure their friends won’t have the chance either. You see he could have said hey I will let them know but I gave him my card and said tell them to contact me and mention your name. Maybe he will feel good doing that part when his friends might ask to know any Opportunities there in the USA. It’s worth a shot.
The Home-based Business gives you a lot of options to pick great people to work alongside. If you are positive and a go-getter I want to connect with you for sure.

The next thing is it give you tremendous Tax Advantages being in Business for yourself. Don’t you wish at Tax time you had more deductions ? When you have your own business you can write off a lot of the things you properly are using right now in your life but can deduct part of the expense if you use it for your business. How about expanding your business to another country and go there and enjoy the trip and teach your teams and meet great people and write it off. The best part is you see the Country from their eyes and not the sightseeing eyes. Your Tax consultant will advise you about your options but you will love them.

Also if you build it correctly you could have an early retirement or secure your Retirement. Let’s say you are a Baby Boomer and you saved 500,000 and you retire at 65 and you live another 20 years and I believe we will live longer . But anyway that would be an extra $25,000 you would have to spend each year. What do you think you could do with that plus your Social Security probably not too much. I don’t know about other countries but leave me a comment about your retirement programs. But what if you had a Home Based Business, where you were making an extra 25-50,000 or more per year, would that start to make a difference.
When I first started in this Industry I was introduced to a young guy who was 25 and retired at 21 WOW… I told him whatever you are doing if it is Honest and Legal I want in Period. I am so glad I did because I met some of the most wonderful people and learned so much and I was able to get out of full-time work at 42.

2016-04-20_2128The last thing I want to touch on is leaving a Legacy for your family. Another thing I love is seeing people reach their Goals and have fun along the way. If we ever meet I will share with you some great stories of how because of that Young lady Ruth many people’s live have changed for the better.

Why start your own home based business ? I think that almost everyone can benefit from having a Home Based Business. Well, I am glad I found a company with All Natural Products and Real Original Science. If you want to know more let’s connect.



Here is an additional article from INC Magazine with some other thoughts http://www.inc.com/guides/201101/top-10-reasons-to-run-your-own-business.html 

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