Why Baby Boomers and Network Marketing are the Perfect Match

Why Baby Boomers and Network Marketing are the Perfect Match for the future of retiree’s. Now if you are a Millenial this article is very important for you too.
I was reading an article in Forbes about the subject “Would you join a Multi-level Marketing company for retirement income“.One of the things that stood out to me was AARP’s estimates
that half of the Baby Boomers (76 Million or so) are interested in starting a business WOW. So who is a Baby Boomer simply you were born between 1946 and 1964…

But before I get into more of the facts I want to share with you a little of my story.  I was born in 1951 in Queens New York. I started working at a young age of around 8 or so to get extra money to
buy candy. My Mom always laughed when I would ask and she said you don’t need candy. I would just go and pick up Bottles or do something to get the money.
But the next thing that happened change my thoughts and life forever.
I was working in a small grocery store for a Hungarian Jewish man by the name of Mike. He said something to me one day which I always share with young kids all the time.
He said,”Michael, go to school, get a good education 🙁 but if you want to be successful own your own Business“. I never forgot this…


I remember selling Lemonade on Queens Blvd between 66th and 67th ave in Rego Park but that little stand was my Business. I was going to make my own money and it felt great and was proud of myself. I remember friends laughing and people laughing except the ones who were thirsty. You get the message not everyone will like what you do except the ones who are looking for you. I shined shoes, took back bottles, delivered groceries anything I could to make my own money and not depend on other people all the time. But I had a Bigger dream to become a Policeman and Detective which I thought was really cool. Well in my 20’s I went into the NYPD and to make a long story short became a Detective “Mission/Goal accomplished” but never forgot about owning my own Business.

So in my 30’s I got involved in the Tavern/Restaurant business with some of my friends and was working too many hours. This is where I first got introduced to the Network Marketing Industry around 1983/84. This is where my life took an amazing turn and I am so excited it did and now I will explain. You see a young lady named Ruth Sanchez was involved with the largest company in the Industry. She was so excited about the opportunity and I watched her for 5 months before I sat down and really listened to a 2-hour explanation. Thank God that doesn’t happen anymore. But at the end of the Presentation, I turned to her and said get me one of those starter kits this makes total sense.

In the article by Forbes they talk about people don’t just get in for the money all the time but for association too meet other people. Let me share with you why I wanted this Industry not only for the money but for the FREEDOM. The Freedom to be my own Boss, your own Person to do what I want when I want and with whom I want. I was 33 years old at the time and as I mentioned I was working 12-14 hours a day and I wanted Freedom. My Goal was to retire at 42 years old when I would be eligible for retirement from the NYPD. I knew the Bar Business could give me money but no Freedom.
That young lady introduced me to gentlemen by the name of Ray who was 25 and retired at 21 from full-time work. I said if it’s honest and Legal I am in and believe me I did my investigation.
But then 2016-04-13_1538something happened that really made me see a Bigger picture of this Industry. One day at a function A 60 year old gentleman by the name of Runzie who was Ray’s StepDad. I asked him a simple question,”Runzie, what the heck are you doing in this Business? He said kid turn around, I did and was looking at the Audience. He said, see these people they are all young, They all have Dreams, They all talk Positive and they all want to have a Better Life. You know what my friends at my age are doing they are complaining about all their aches and pains, The drugs they are using and they are all going nowhere. WOW, I got it and never forgot it… Stay around young Positive people and you stay young too.

So you ask Why Baby Boomers and Network Marketing are the Perfect Match well that is one of the main reason. You see I retired from full-time employment at 42 traveled the world because of the Industry and have a young attitude.

You don’t have to wait you can get out much earlier if you are a Millenial start now.

So let’s get back to some other issues… Many people are pissed with their job situation, According to the article, the average 50-year-old has less than $50,000 saved for their retirement. You will not get to play Golf, Tennis go cruising or any of that stuff on a regular basis if you don’t make some wise decisions now.

Another reason is that the Baby Boomers are looking for good All Natural Solution to Health to stay younger and have a better quality of Life. Well the company I joined in 1984 and was part of for 20 years didn’t have the quality of Products and Science I wanted to put into my body.So I went on a hunt to find better. That is when a good friend Luciano introduced me to an amazing company with Natural Products, Science, Studies and Patents not Hype. Well, I made a move which was one of the Hardest things to do in my life besides leaving the NYPD. But it was once again another smart move because now I feel Younger, have more energy and can look people in the face because of these reasons it can’t always be about the money. As you get older you will realize that too.

According to the Direct Selling Industry article, the 7 Trends to Watch: Direct Selling in 2017 & Beyond Health and Wellness is leading the pace in The Direct Selling Industry and will continue due to the fact of the Obesity challenge around the world. There are over 671 Million people who are overweight.
Well if you are going to be in a business you want to be in a growing business No Pun intended.

Not all The Baby Boomers will get started to make the big money but imagine what an extra $500,$1000 could do for your retirement and Social Security. This could be your play money. Money to play Golf, Tennis 4 times a week instead of 4 times a month. Movie money or How about going to take the Grandkids to Disney or go on a Cruise.

If you read these 2 articles you will see WHY Baby Boomers and Millenials will want to join a Network Marketing Company. So find a company and get started today.

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