So Many People are looking for Tips on Blogging For Success but first sit back for a few minutes and Think about what do you really Love.

Is it what your product can do for someone, does your service bring value to the client and what is it that motivates you to share your business with others.

As Leaders either in the Network Marketing Industry or a Traditional Business owner you got to find the reason Why you are going to Blog too.  You must first have a clear Vision about your Blog and it’s Content.I find some retail business owner say well I am not in Network Marketing so why would I want to follow and get tips about that Industry, It’s Business 101 we all need clients and Sales so learn from each other. At the end of this article I will share with you a great article about 12 Blogging Tips but first let’s develop the mindset a little.

I have been on bBlogoth sides of the fence.. I was a Restaurant/Bar owner and at the same time was in the Network Marketing Industry back when there was no Beepers , Cell phones or the Internet. We learn how to get clients by making lists of things to do to connect with other like minded people. Back then just like now it’s not about the product but about YOU.. The Biggest Tips on Blogging for Success will always have a mention about It’s about YOU.

Once you know your Why now you need to Identify your Target group of people that you want to Blog too. Think about your best friend and all the things you know about them well you should have the same type of knowledge about your Target Group.

So you are saying now how do I get to know them?

It is simple let’s say you like to run go on Facebook and join some running groups. Look in Linkedin ,Connect with people on Instagram.. Now Don’t start running your mouth off and spamming everyone with your super duper amazing excellent cure for everything. Do what all successful people do they first listen and then share info and value.

So Introduce yourself to the group and tell them you are looking forward to get some great tips about what you want to blog in the future. You might want to say something like Hi I am excited to be part of this local running group and can’t wait to learn some great tips about running and meeting like minded people. Now go and listening and watch the group and become part of the community.

Now while you are doing this read this article and get the 12 Blogging Quick Tips for the Novice and Advanced Bloggers.

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