We all live with some form of the Pain Of Discipline or Regrets

We are now towards the end of February and many people have already giving up on their New Year’s resolution. You know what I mean.. I am going to lose 20 pounds, I am going to join a gym or I am going to read a success book everyday. The Pain of Discipline or Regrets you choose

You see they all carry with them the habit of discipline. The Pain Of Discipline of going to the gym and not seeing immediate results is one of the hardest things to stick too. We tend to use excuses like it’s cold outside or it’s raining. I know you are smiling and the head might be going up and down now but I also know you can do it. You see you don’t want another Year ,Month.Week or a single Day of regret..

Discipline 1

Jim Rohn says it perfectly in this photo.. We must all suffer from one of these 2 Pains.. The pain of discipline or the Pain Of Regret. You see this doesn’t just have to do with with losing weight it’s has to do with everything in our lives.

When you talk to a Baby Boomer they will have regrets they didn’t spend more time with their friends and family. They wished they had invested more for retirement. They also wished they ate better foods and taught it to their kids but I got good news for you no matter how old you are you can start today and change your future.

How start slow…. Lets look at losing a few pounds…Don’t put too much weight on your shoulders try to get a buddy and go to the gym together and make it fun… If you cant find someone go to the gym at the same time everyday and guess what you will see other encouraging faces say HELLO.!!! One big tip is compliment the person at the sign in desk and say hello to them everytime you go into the gym. Hey they don’t like being there either so they will like to see an encourager coming in and leaving. I know this works for me I love seeing the people when I enter the gym and see their big smiling face to see me and I love seeing them.. There is nothing worst then a grumpy person…

Look up some healthy recipes and make a new healthy dish today. Hey just try and make a nice Spinach,Banana,Strawberry Protein shake in the morning and just experience how good you feel. Now maybe you are not a morning person so get up an hour earlier and make a shake. You won’t die from a little less sleep but as you reach some short goals you will sleep better anyway. 🙂 🙂

How about Lunch I know you heard it before but really can’t you eat a nice salad once in a while until you realize it is great… We can get use to anything after a few tries. I remember when I was in my early 30’s I was in the bar business and I said I want to try Scotch .. It tasted terrible but after a few drinks it was fine. The next day the first one was just fine. Now I don’t really go out getting hammered anymore maybe a Glass Of Wine.. Hey that was also a Discipline to stop partying and I don’t have any regrets stopping only great things now. But back to our conversation..
The great things about having a salad is you can try different things everyday… Try one tomorrow..

So let’s not make life so tough start with the little things and watch how they can begin to change your life in a Positive way..

What will you have The Pain of Discipline or Regrets……. It really doesn’t hurt to have Discipline……

Last statement READ A POSITIVE BOOK TODAY.. 10 pages a day can change your life fast……

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