The 3 C’s of Social Media

When I first started out in Social Media I always thought Facebook Post about everything was so cool. The I linked up with a group of experts and was shocked at what I was learning that The 3 c’s of Social Media were Content Plus Clients Equals Cash . Like any advertising person will share with you it’s all about connecting to people..In the Business world of Social Media it is all about Content.

But I found thatContent is Cash most people are always worried about what Content should I use in my Blog. Well I am going to share with you a Powerful article about never running out of Content every again at the end of this Post.

You see have a background in Law Enforcement one thing you got to be good at is finding the clues that lead to the results. Well I was just like you thinking how and where should I start in Social Media.  I started to hear things like who is my Audience, how do I find them and where is all the information about getting started. I attended many training and heard people talking about putting 200,300 400 people into their main business via Social Media but nobody was telling you exactly how.. I think sometimes people are afraid that they will lose something by sharing.

I remember when I was in the Bar Business there was an area in Queens New York called Bayside where we wanted to expand but people (friends,Family etc) said no there are already 2 bars in that area you will never make it..Well they didn’t understand that when there are more stores it bring more customers which means there is more cash in the area. Why do you think people want to have a store in a Mall. Wake Up!!!! Well Social Media is the same you need to bring more people to you and you can do this with a Blog.

TodayAmazingly I came across a source that was truly amazing to teach everything you need to know about Blogging. Read more about that on a Blog post I recently did about finding these incredible people or click on the Picture to the left.

So if you are thinking will I have stuff and content to write about I would love to share this video with you about the 10 Dropdead ways to Create Content for the rest of your life.. Click here


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