Mannatech Scam – Retired NYPD Detective Investigate

Mannatech Scam -Let’s address this case by first looking at the facts behind this company. As A Retired NYPD Detective I Investigate this as I would any case. You Decide Guilty or Not Guilty based on the facts not opinions. If you ever watched old movies from the 1940/50’s the Butler always did it. You […]

Social Entrepreneur Interview

So many people try to bring people onto their teams before they conduct even a short Interview. It is so important that you sit down and see if people really are looking for an opportunity before spending all your time showing them your company. Social Entrepreneurship is going to be a serious business model of […]

Australian Gov’t Awards 10 Million Dollar Grant

Australian Gov’t awards 10 Million Dollar Grant To Dr.Talitha Best . I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Best and she is one sharp Lady. She has a big passion for her research of a this very important Nutrient which we all need for better health. “Dr. Best has been committed to investigating the […]