Good Morning …. I wanted to talk to all those who are Starting a Wellness Journey

Let em share some reason why I believe this is so important to find a great place to walk… I believe that we all look for excuses when trying to avoid going for a walk or run. But once you begin to realize that the benefits outway your negative decision  you will a better life whether you are 15 ,50 or 90.

I think the best way is to find a Park near your home.. Here are some of my tips.

  • A place where you can feel relaxed
  • Maybe get a walking or running partner
  • listening device iPod or recording on your phone,, Music or Motivation
  • Look for a place with other people around for the social aspect and also safety concerns
  • A place where you can go at all times of the day so you can fits into any schedule
  • Parking is good
  • Bring water or better yet some homemade green tea
  • See if there are any activities in the park get involved its fun.
  • Bathrooms are great
  • Observe the Masses and do the opposite ( I will explain more below)

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I use to walk in one park where there just wasn’t enough of nature, It was a big  ball field with about a half mile walking path. It didn’t hit my hot button but what I am going to share with you now could be a game changer.

Observe the Masses and Do the Opposite

As I mentioned above Observe the Masses and do the opposite. Well I find that most people would all walk in one direction like sheep following sheep and all you see is asses. It was boring  just walking and walking but thanks God I would listen to some motivation CD on my iPhone somebody or subject that would  move me . The I started to walk in the opposite direction and realized this was fun. I would see the faces of the people and we would smile and thumbs up to each other and now the walking experience became more fun. I looked forward in seeing the winners everyday and we were all on a Mission to be Healthier.

Well take some of these tips to start your walking and running lifestyle….

If you like these tips please share and like my page Share on Facebook


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I am a Retired NYPD Detective,Business Owner and now a Social Entrepreneur... I love to Empower people to bring out their hidden Dreams and help them to go forward in life and accomplish them. I love Coaching people about better health solutions,Time Freedom and becoming part of a great Mission to Help kids who are dying of Malnutrition. Turn off the TV a few hours a week and get started. Let's have a conversation and see what your Hidden Dreams are and let's have fun finding the solution. God Bless Michael Geddes AKA NewYorkMIke

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