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Are You A Spectator Or Are You In The Game?

See what Athletes are saying about our products and mission. Watch a video below by Dr. Steve Nugent about 4 of our products that every Athlete/Beginner should add to their regimen.





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Steve Edwards Marathon Runner 500 Marathons before he was 50.  Steve who has been running marathons for years has now completed more than 800 of them. His Goal is to be the First Human to run 1000… WOW! Every Marathon Runner will want to watch his video Below. See what he has to say on how he Improved his running and Maintains a Healthy Body at 55 Years old.
On Sunday 23rd April 2017, Team Mannatech athlete, Steve ran the London Marathon, this was his 778th marathon and after finishing the race in 3:14:40, he is the WORLDs FIRST to run 700 sub 3hr 30min marathons!
This record adds to Steve’s many other records including;

  • At the age of 28, became the youngest athlete in the world at the time to run 100 marathons.
  • Guinness World Record™ for running 87 marathons in one year averaging 3hrs 14min for each.
  • Guinness World Record™ for running the fastest 10 marathons in 10 consecutive days.
  • Holds the record for running 400 & 500 marathons in the fastest average finish time





Triathlon Competitor, 77, Credits Mannatech Products for Helping with Recovery and Continued Performance

Mike Greer, 77, has been competing in triathlons for 33 years. Even now, he continues to participate in 10 triathlons and five running races each year with training six days a week. When Greer’s doctor remarked that he had the recovery of a young adult, Greer wasn’t surprised at all and credited his Mannatech products for helping keep him strong and healthy.*
See More about HIs Story 







Cross Fit Training

Cross Fit CanadaCrossFit Competitor Attributes Success to Mannatech Intense physical challenges requires intense attention to diet, according to Canadian CrossFit competitor, Markus Willard. Willard, 33, who recently took second place in a men’s pair CrossFit competition, knows that supporting the body with great nutrition and Mannatech products can help produce great results.
“I religiously take Advanced Ambrotose® capsules and NutriVerus™ powder first thing every morning and also after a workout or dinner,” said Willard. “I also take Ambrotose AO® capsules, PLUS™ capsules and Omega-3 with Vitamin D3 capsules when possible to help with the stress of high-intensity training I place on my body day in and day out. I’ve also used SPORT™ capsules and EM•PACT® drink mix.”
Willard gives credit to his Mannatech protocol that has helped him to realize his potential and push to through to new limits during competition and training. With the support of Mannatech, he has been able to create new goals and reach personal bests.
“I know that Ambrotose helps support the ability of the cells in my body to function optimally. Ambrotose, NutriVerus, Omega-3 and other core Mannatech products supply real food nutrients into our bodies, our machines,” added Willard. “Mannatech products supplement my diet. They supply the vitamins and minerals that I need to thrive; and at 33, I continue to advance my health even as I age.
Markus Willard, CrossFit competitor, Canada


National Masters Racquetball Association

A Lucy RacquetballWith a national title on the line in a recent National Masters Racquetball Association competition, Lucy Kupish DelSarto, a Team Mannatech member, turned to Mannatech products to overcome adversity and gain the advantage over her opponents.

DelSarto, competing in a 50-years and over mixed doubles national racquetball tournament, said that she has relied on Mannatech products to help her stay competitive. During this particular national title event, she ran into early difficulties as a twisted ankle slowed her down. While she was treating her ankle, the rest of her game stayed strong, thanks to Mannatech products. During the competition, she employed a regime of Advanced Ambrotose® capsules, SPORT™ capsules and applied FIRM with Ambrotose® moisturizing cream to ensure she was ready for competition while her ankle recovered.

“I came back the next couple days at 95 percent, and by day two I was 100 percent. At full health, I went on to win,” said DelSarto.

With more than three decades as a professional racquetball player and coach, DelSarto, has what it takes to demonstrate and teach wellness like no one else. She lives and breathes wellness and determination on and off the court and gives credit to Mannatech products for supporting her wellness efforts.

“I am grateful for Mannatech’s products in so many ways,” DelSarto said. “At 52, I’m still competing at the top skill level in my sport of racquetball and people guess me to be 10-20 years younger than I am. Mannatech is a part of my vitality and health.”


M5m JasonNew York Mike & Jason Lester …

Jason is an endurance athlete and the 2009 ESPY Award winner for Best Male Athlete with a Disability. He is also the first disabled athlete to complete the Ultra-man World Championships.

Jason ran Great Wall Of China Run which he started on August 8th, 2014. He is running a Marathon everyday for 100 days an amazing feat. He has been using our product for 8 years and never revealed his secret weapon until now.         See the science and link to products below by Dr. Steve Nugent...





Lincoln Kennedy Former NFL Player

See 4 of our products that every Athlete should be using for Pre-Workout, During and Post Workout explained by Dr. Steve Nugent

Steve Nugent
Dr. Steve Nugent
He has earned multiple degrees, graduating with top honors at both the Undergraduate and Graduate levels. His areas of studies include: Integrative Medicine, Health and Wellness Psychology, Leadership Psychology, Organizational Psychology, Neuropsychology, Biological Anthropology, Nutrition Science and Business Administration..





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