cropped-social-poster_uth1.jpgI am so excited about the positioning of this product we just rolled out. Our company made the discovery of a whole class of nutrients, Glyconutrients back in the 1990’s. They are also referred to in the body as Glycans, sugar structures sticking off the surface of our cells. You are going to be amazed by this amazing Glycan science and our new product, The pictures tell the story but some of you will love the science.

At the Bottom of the page Skincare expert Jackie Pack explains how to apply anti-aging skincare..






But before we get into all the science lets look at some amazing results…

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Last year, the National Academy of Science here in the United States did a whole paper on these glycans, called Transforming Glycoscience: A Roadmap For The Future….. that basically outlines the importance of what we know about sugar structures and what they do to human physiology. It’s everything from health to skin quality. What’s interesting, L’Oreal, the largest manufacturer of skin care products in the world picked up on this a year ago and rolled out the first of what they called Glycan-based skin care products. In fact it’s a whole line of products that they have released through their affiliate, Yves Saint Laurent. Of course they’re claiming this to be the discovery of all discoveries in skincare.

UNTIL NOW!!!!                                                                                                           Plant Sourced

Now the Leader in all natural Glycans has released the latest in Skincare with 3 groundbreaking technologies including Plant Sourced Glycans(See Video’s Below )






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Finally, what we’ve all been looking for: Youth.

Clinical studies of key ingredients in Mannatech Uth crème have shown to help the 7 signs of Aging :

  • Reduce the appearance or wrinkles
  • Reduce the Appearance of lines
  • Increase Moisture and Hydration
  • Give the skin greater luminosity
  • Even Skin’s Tone
  • Improve the elasticity of the skin
  • Refine pore size

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Dr. Martin Kassir, MD,FAAD a world-renowned Dermatologist had been collaborating with us on this project. “The long-term benefits of glycans in human physiology are becoming well established. Ūth crème takes those benefits to a new level in skin care, one I’m proud to recommend. Before long you will notice a hydrated appearance to the skin, setting the foundation for a more youthful appearance of your face.”

Watch what Dr. Kassir has to say about this amazing Product and why he choose to partner with Mannatech.

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Look at a brief animation of how the product works and rejuvenates the skin

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The aging process is accelerated by inflammation. There is great new science out there that has now been released that says these inflammatory responses can be triggered by all sorts of stress: our environmental stress, what we have been exposed to, sunlight, things that we eat, all the preservatives, all the toxins that are in what we eat, drink, and breath.

A combination of all of those causes stress on the system, which also accelerates the decline of these critical components in the skin matrix.

We see the signs of premature aging: people wrinkling faster, their skin becomes spotted, age spots, all kinds of stuff start occurring as a result of that .

But look at what you can change with UTH….. The first 2 Photo’s are me

AA Mike 1 st Day Week 1 & 4 My Skin is tightening on my face and neck… My wrinkles are starting to fill in and my spots are getting lighter.. WOW !!!! I can wait to see what a second month will look and feel like… If it can help my skin imagine what it can do for you skin too.. Golfers Wake Up you need this product…







One of the Coolest thing is helping people feel younger by helping them look younger. When you share their new look it brings tears to their eyes… 85 Year Old 4 weeks pic 2 8 Days 2  




There is great new science showing how the Glycans and Aloe can pretty significantly retard the inflammatory response. 1395808_452708778172661_159444916_n  Regain Your Youth Today













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The Science of Aging

Underneath the top layer of our skin is a firm, cushiony material called the matrix. The components within the matrix help nourish and strengthen our skin in ways that can lead to the suppleness and glow associated with healthier, younger-looking skin. Mannatech’s Ūth Skin Rejuvenation Crème provides a proprietary, natural way of supporting The Matrix. Matrix  




Naturglycan-proteinally Sourced Glycan Content for Skin Cell Rejuvenation Complex sugar structures called Glycans cover almost every cell in our bodies and provide the network that allows cells to communicate their every need. As we age, the production of both glycans and structural proteins decline, which can result in deep depressions in the skin matrix that can lead to the formation of lines and wrinkles and the dulling and spotting on the surface of the skin. Ūth skin care delivers naturally sourced glycans, featuring Manapol powder, to the skin matrix to help spark the skin’s natural ability to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Plant SourcedPlant-Sourced vs. Synthetic

Initial attempts to address the loss of glycans have primarily focused on the use of synthetically made sugars that are foreign to our bodies.

Mannatech is the only provider of the non-synthetic, plant-sourced form of these molecules.

Advanced Herbal Components for Increased Skin Nourishment

Recently discovered herbal components that have been shown to specifically fortify the skin matrix have been added to further nourish the skin. This proprietary blend of plant-based ingredients has been shown to increase the production of proteins while protecting against other concerns associated with aging.

MicroSpheresYouth-Inducing Microspheres

A unique composition of ingredients, including Manapol powder, is combined then spun into a revolutionary new transdermal delivery system, developed in France, called microspheres. Microspheres can penetrate the deepest layers of the skin and provide the first controlled time-release mechanism for these youth-inducing ingredients. The impact can be immediate and profound, restoring your skin to its smooth, youthful appearance.* Controlled Released 2   Other Glycans help a signaling devise within the skin for the production of new proteins and for the production of Hyaluronic Acid. They are involved in a lot of the constituencies of the skin, for example, skin repair and skin regeneration are both facilitated by Glycans – we know that story, that’s cell-to-cell communication.

Regain Your Youth Today Youth in a Bottle

Hyaluronic Acid is another Glycan, and it’s the primary moisture trapping Glycan that exists in the Matrix. Again, it’s one of those Glycans that deteriorates pretty quickly and is accelerated by all kinds of problems, including inflammation. He found these ingredients that he thought would be the absolute best technologies for the rejuvenation of a healthy, strong matrix. You can actually reverse the aging process with these kinds of ingredients.

The last thing he realized is that many of these molecules don’t pass the various barriers of the skin. You have to go through multi-barriers to get there and then you need a time-release so that the skin is constantly being influenced by these critical nutrients. To that end, he found a great technology out  of France, referred to as Microspheres.

Delivery 2Microspheres would be kind of like a long layer of lipid-membrane. You put all your active ingredients in it and then you roll it up. What happens (and this is of course at the micro-level) when it penetrates the skin, it starts peeling away based off of those lipid barriers being broken down. What that gives you is not only something that can go through the multiple layers of the skin, but a controlled time release of these critical nutrients. A great article on Hyaluronic Acid that said it’s too big of a molecule to penetrate the skin, and yet these guys can do it with Microspheres.

This allows there to be two things: an immediate response to the product (which of course, everybody’s looking for) and the long-term effect of rebuilding the matrix back to its youthful structure.

We have filed patents on using Microspheres for the delivery of our specific Glycans. I will tell you this, even though Microspheres are patented, they don’t belong to us and they don’t belong to Dr. Kassir, but we are using them for the delivery of very specific molecules.

We will have a patent pending product out there and a product that nobody has ever used before – this is revolutionary. The impact of this product is remarkable. The lab that made it that has their own test facility and then they send it out for more formal forms of testing, things like 4-week studies and 8-week studies.

The very first time they applied this to someone in the lab they called the company and they said “you guys are going to be gazillionaires – you will not believe the impact this product has on the skin immediately.” We all believed over a period of 4 weeks or 8 weeks we could rebuild the skin matrix unlike anybody else because of our unique combination of nutrients, but none of us expected to see an immediate response like they saw.

  • One of the people in the lab was a man that had gone on vacation a week before and had a pretty significant tan. He put the cream on his face and all of a sudden they saw white lines below his eyes. They saw white lines because they were the crevasses of the wrinkles around his eyes. All of a sudden, he got this immediate response and his skin actually started exhibiting those white lines and his wrinkles started to disappear – and again this is immediate, this isn’t five days later!it was so dramatic to everyone in the lab.
  • One woman in the lab used a 5X mirror (you can look real close at your skin) – she said she could actually see it happening as she put it on her skin!

We are truly excited about this product for several reasons:

First, as far as the rejuvenation of youthful skin, we don’t think there’s anything like it on the market and neither does this world-class dermatologist who will be the spokesperson for this new product. .

Secondly, we love the fact, as do the people in the lab that this creates an immediate and long-term effect. The science is one thing, it’s a wonderful story (we will have videos that show the story and tell the story), but the bottom line is what happens when people put it on. If they can see an immediate impact, we all know what that means – that means that we probably can’t make this stuff fast enough. We are excited!

Third, this product leverages off of our core technology. When organizations like L’Oreal say this is the “wonder ingredient” that no one has ever heard of (but they had to use synthetics because we own the patents on naturally occurring Glycans), we think that we are actually in a very unique position in the skincare market.

Finally, Every time someone uses this Skincare product just like all our other products we will send Nutrients to a Child in need.. 5 Million Children die of Malnutrition each year and we want to change this.. You will now have a Business with a Purpose………..


How to Apply Anti-aging skincare..

Jackie Pack is a veteran in the U.S. skincare industry. She is currently working as the Vice President-Sales and Marketing of the company that is manufacturing Mannatech’s ŪthTM Skin Rejuvenation Crème. In addition, she has over 40 years experience in the beauty industry.

How you apply a true science anti aging cream makes a difference!

Strangely enough, while you may think that you are doing the right thing for your skin simply by applying Ūth Skin Crème, how you apply it can actually make a big difference. If you want to use Ūth  to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, it’s important to be gentle with the delicate skin on your face as it can so easily be damaged over time.

So here are the steps I recommend to apply Ūth Skin Rejuvenation Crème:

Step 1 Put a couple of pumps on the back of your hand, using it as your palette. You will use less product with applying Ūth on the back of your hand than if you just put it in the palm of your hand. Plus it’s much more hygienic the way I recommend, as the palms contain much more bacteria. skin cream back of hands Step 2 Starting at the base of your throat, stroke upwards and outwards, covering the entire face area.

beautiful skin

Step 3 When you have gently worked the product into your skin, rub any remaining crème into the backs of your hands, another area that is prone to age-related damage. Repeat this morning and night for the best results.

Step 4 While many users may see results in as little as ten minutes, the best results are born of consistency, with a minimum of 90 days being the ideal starting point in your journey towards more youthful skin.

detailed before and after pic

Step 5 Use twice a day, morning and evening, after cleansing your skin. Dr Anne-Marie Marynycz, National President of The Association of Professional Aestheticians of Australia, has spoken on the quality ingredients in Ūth Skin Crème several times. Dr Anne-Marie also agrees with Jackie Pack, saying Mannatech’s Ūth Skin Crème can be used to great effect on the backs of people’s hands.

Dr Steve Nugent, the Global Wellness Director at Mannatech, shares this insight from his ex-wife:

quote from Wendy Nugent

Nutrition inside and out The skin is the largest organ in the human body and as such is very susceptible to the harsh elements that you face every day. The skin on your face is particularly sensitive to environmental damage, which is why it’s so important to look after it.

Applying Ūth Skin Crème is the first step to looking after your skin.

Here are some other ways to ensure that you look after yourself and your skin in other ways. Avoid these mistakes for more youthful skin (in addition to using Ūth!):

  1. As much as possible, stay out of the sun
  2. Avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption
  3. Do not use skincare products that are too harsh for your skin – stick to Ūth Skin Crème
  4. If needed, use a good quality moisturizer

Some more helpful tips:

  • Follow a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise
  • Drink up to two litres of water per day
  • Take Mannatech supplements regularly

You have no competition with Ūth Skin Rejuvenation Crème. There is nothing on the market that comes close. At the end of the day, the best recommendation comes from someone who already loves the product and will vouch for what it can do.

“I’ve switched. My daughter has switched. My sister has switched,” Jackie Pack.


Switch to a Real Anti-aging Skin Care product with a 180 day guarantee.






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