Prepare for the 4 steps for doing videos is important to do and also having the right mindset.

In my previous video on the 4 Steps of Building Videos there are 4 Key Points of making a professional video to attract new Clients, Prospects and future partners.
These Points are Your Intro,A Question,Content and a Call to Action to make a great video.. But let’s talk about how to prepare and get ready to make these video. But please understand that your first few videos you will be telling funny stories to your friends and family later in life so please just start making your videos and have fun… You can see my story on the 4 Steps of Building Videos Page. So let’s dive into this..
Building Blocks1.Your Intro —- This is the first Building block of your video…This is simple Your name and website page link …Exampe Hi this is Mike Geddes from you dont have to do much there. Don’t be scared and have a big smile on your face … Just like you just saw a old friend from Grammar School  and you say Hey it’s me Mike Geddes from such and such school. Say it now.. See how easy and fun it was… Well do the same on your intro in your video.



Question (1)2. The Question – What is your perfect customer… Are they Male,Female ,young ,older, who do you want to target in this video. You need to spend some time and write this down.. Get it clear in your head so take a little time and put this together..Then you are looking to find their Pain and use certain keywords. Here you can use Something called Google Keyword Planner to find some great words to use.. I will have a training on this so like my facebook page  you dont want to miss that information.



Zig Ziglar You wil get3. The Content – This is where people really get scared what am I am going to BLOG about or make a video..
First you want to sit back and think What are You Selling? You need to focus on your Clients needs not your Goal or Dream…Your Clients want to know what’s in it for them.. What Benefit your Product or opportunity will give to them.. So take your eyes off yourself and put it on your prospect or client.

So let’s do a little exercise… Write down 10 Benefits your Product or Service can do for your Prospect/Client ? What Makes you unique ? Now you will want to takes these and and start to use them for the content in your video. So start that exercise and now you can have at least 10 Videos ready to go..

IMG_1879 4. Call To Action (CTA) even though you told them at the beginning about your web site tell them again at this part so they will take the Call to action step. Its good to even say the question again here saying the word SO….

Let’s say you are in the Fat Loss Business ..

INTRO:Hey This is Mike from Question: are your tired of all that Belly fat what if I had a great Solution to get reid of that Belly Fat CONTENT: I found a great solution to get rid of all that Brown Fat around your Belly that could effect your health in the long run at.. Call to Action CTA: So if you are really tired of that excess Belly Fat go to

Here is another one for your business Opportunity INTRO: Hey This is Mike Geddes from your www.????.com QUESTION: Are your tired of all those excess bills and credit card payments? CONTENT: What if I could show you a way to get rid of them and have fun doing it in one of the fastest growing Industries around the world . CTA: Just go to www.?????.com and let me show you how.. So if you are really serious about getting rid of those excess bills go to www.????.com



So go have fun and make your first video today… Please share this information on FaceBook and let’s share so all can have success in their opportunity..

Thanks for letting me share with you today……. If you want to invest is a tremendous course on how to do video Marketing from one of the leading Experts Mark Harbett check this out and there are 3 free videos to start you off

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