The Power Of Edification in a Network Marketing Business is the most important skill every person should practice and teach in their business. I don’t care if you are Network Marketing or any business.I will explain later about how I used it in my Restaurant business and in my career as a Detective in the NYPD.

IMG_1879This was a Skill was actually used to invite me to my very first Introduction meeting by the young lady who invited me. I not like most people already knew the company name because she was building the business for about 5 months and I had no hangups on the company. But when I decided to take a look she started edifying the Speaker who was coming to share a Presentation right away. She told me all these great things about him and why he decided to join the Business. Well, I couldn’t wait to meet him and finally see what this Industry was all about and how I might fit into this business. At the end of the meeting, he told me that working with Ruth was going to be the best thing I Could do in the business. Now Mind me I knew her for many years and said WOW he must know something that I don’t know. I knew she was ambitious and great already but he confirmed it.  I Didn’t even know him and quite frankly he didn’t make a big impression on me except he made a lot of sense. He spoke very highly about the company, the products and the group that we were going to be part of in the business.
The whole Industry just made a lot of sense to me and I was wearing both my Business Hat and Police Hat as I evaluated everything.
It was Honest, Legal and very Profitable if you worked and treated it as a Big Business.

58204-LeaderquotesattitudequotesEdification starts at the point of your first contact with a new person. Start by hitting the points that relate to that person. Example a Millenial talk about Student Loans and how did if affect them. Then say You seem pretty sharp do you keep your mind open to maybe doing something to get rid of that load in your spare time.

If I am doing a one on one meeting I always like to ask why did you agree to meet with me? Then I go back to the point I am looking for sharp people and I think you could be that person.

If you are bringing your new Guests to a Hotel meeting.The first thing to understand is to get people excited about meeting the speaker and or the host at a Hotel meeting.Their job is to edify you to your guest.The biggest mistake I see some leaders make at meetings is they talk about themselves too much. Let me share a Skill I was taught as I grew in the business and became a host of a large meeting of over 300 people each week. You as a person who brings a guest to a meeting is not to intro your new person to everyone in the room at first. Your job is to make them comfortable and not making them feel you are pushy. Maybe your upline of course but all introduce them to the Host of the meeting before it begins. His or her job is to welcome them and tell them how lucky they are that you invited them.
After the meeting get them to meet the Speaker or Host. Their job is to ask them what they like the most the products, The opportunity and to edify you and set up the follow for you… Usually, the speaker will say at the end of the Presentation get back with the person who invited you with the next 24-48 hours… I have a BIG TIP about this which most people don’t ever mention…  If you want it like my Fanpage  Then message me and say TIP. I am telling you this it is the biggest tip I ever learned about how not to blow the Follow-up.
Let’s say you bring a person to me as a Host I would ask them what they like. If they say I like the opportunity I would say well get back together with You in the next day or so. I would then say you are going to love working with him/her because they are part of a great team. My goal is to make them feel good about getting back with you and getting started. I have seen people say well you will love working with me and my team we are the best and Yada Yada Yada BS. That turns people off.

The process is also in your Presentation. The presenter should be edifying the Person who invited people, The company, The products and of course the compensation plan. Example, If you were invited here for the first time don’t forget to thank the person who invited you to see this opportunity. How many people have ever offered you an opportunity? You usually see people turn to the person and Nod to them. This is doing something very powerful it is making the person who invited the new guest to feel good. It also makes the attendee feel like right no one ever has invited me to anything. It is all about lifting people up at all stages of the process.
Edify how the products made you feel and how it made others feel. Talk about how you feel about the company and how they are always looking to make things better for the people and the world. These are just a few things to understand at the presentation. I have some others that I will be posting in the coming days on my FanPage

Now let’s talk a little about helping to build a Team using edification. Remember it is always about the new person. What are they Looking For? What are they Struggling with? What are their goals and desires for the business? You see this is something that you as an upline can learn if you are Driving depth in your business and spending time with the people who really want it. When I do a follow up with a person who after the presentation said they wanted the Opportunity I can’t wait to sit with them… But watch what I am going to do. First I hope you asked for that big tip on my Fanpage by now because this is going to help in having this follow-up… When you get to the person’s house and not empty handed Cookies, Fruit whatever I always ask if we can go to the kitchen and sit down. The reason I do that is usually in the back area of the home. When I am walking through the rooms I am trying to capture some of the things they love. Maybe I see Gold clubs or pictures of kids, Tennis rackets whatever. I want to sit and talk with them a little about some of the things they like. Then after some time, I say example using a John and Nancy hey guys I know you said you were interested in the Opportunity is that still true? Well, Guys, I need to ask you 3 questions to see how I can spend my time to help you the best.

3 Key Follow Up Questions in Network Marketing

Now I pull out my Notepad and ask the following questions. What Do You Want? When Do You Want It? What Are You Willing To Give Up To Get It? Primarily, I want to know what their Dream is because this will become very important in the next 90-120 days. Just so you know Most people don’t want to share sometimes so I will ask hey what would an extra 500-1000 dollars do for you in the next 90 days or so? So I give them a want and time frame. But the What are you willing to give up they have to answer. Like my sponsor Ruth always taught me was are you willing to give up an hour or 2 a day of TV time to let me help you become an expert in out business.

Now let me explain why this is so important these are things you can edify to your new person’s group. My sponsor knew I wanted to retire from the workforce at the age of 42 so she could share that with others and that motivated them too.
But it also was something she could use when she wanted to remind me of things I needed to do. One example is if you want to succeed in any business you need to become Postive and start reading Positive Mental Attitude Books. Because Attitude and Belief work together for success in all businesses. Your A+B=R your Attitude Plus Belief equal Results.

An example, I didn’t like to read books when I first got started and she came to me and said, Mike, you have a minute. I said sure what’s up. Well, do you really want to retire at 42 because if you do you better start reading because you have a bad attitude? WOW, you might be saying how can she talk to you that way.  Well, I didn’t get mad because she put my Dream first and I knew she had my Interest at heart first… That made a lasting impression on me and I needed to hear that. You see if you are going to work with someone you need to give tough love sometimes and if they are serious they will fully understand.

After learning some of the basic edifying techniques I started to use them in building my business. I watch my upline use these tips with people all the time from the stage to having coffee with someone, counseling or when showing the plan. Always talk and edify your new people and remember you are not the BOSS.

Picture6Let me give you an example of what can happen. When I first started in the Industry I was with one company for 20 years but decided to see a bigger vision of using All Natural science so I decided to move to another company. Trust me it was the hardest thing I have ever done besides leaving the Police Department. But to get back to the example. In the first company, I met a Young gentleman from China at a Restaurant in Midtown Manhattan in 1987. I explain to him that one day we were going to open our business in China and we should stay in touch. We did and in 1993 I called him and said hey we are going to open in China we need to talk. He said give me a little time my wife and son have arrived and I am settling in.
A few months went by and we met and I invited him to a company event in Philadephia he decided to come and he bought a Doctor friend with him. When we walked into the center he said If they can do it so can I. At the event, I introduced him to people and told them all about how he has a Dream and he wants to build in the Chinese community here before we open in China (BIG TIP THERE) which was going to open in 1 year. After the event we went back to NY the Doctor said not interested but he didn’t care he was excited. BTW the Doctor lost his job a few months later.
So we set up a meeting in his house and I showed up with a Board and showed the plan. But most of the time I spoke about him and how he is going to lead the charge into China. We then set up another meeting and I found out later he didn’t even want me to do it he wanted to do it himself. We always laugh about that but when you find a leader that is what will happen. Now because of language challenges, I didn’t know Chinese but I knew the Language of Edification that was all we needed. For the next year, I would show up at his meetings in NY and edify him and the leaders that he told me about. I never mentioned me only them, the System and The company.
14089125_10157449584250541_6707547276198070996_nA year later off to China we went I lived there for 3 Months and did the exact same thing, Edify, Edify and more Edification, and of course some other things like structure, PMA but mostly edifying the team. I continued to do that from 1995 until 2004 on my trips to China and in the USA with his team. I left the company at that time and he had put together a team of over 50,000 people. To this day we still meet every 3-4 months and have what we call a Hot Dog meeting and discuss the Industry. To this day he still tells the world how we met and when his team comes to the USA I still meet and edify the same way to them. The team now is over 100,000 people and we are the best of friends. Edification is a key ingredient in building your business.
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I will be sharing a lot of tips on my Fanpage but wanted to give you just an idea about Edification and how important it is for your success in any business. I have used them in the Restaurant with my staff, customers and deliver people. People want to feel important. I have used it many times in interviewing Murderers, Witnesses and even just making people feel comfortable after something happened to them or family. Trust me these techniques can be used in any business.

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