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When starting out in Social Media one of the time consuming steps is posting to Instagram and Twitter . What if there was a simple FREE program that you could install on your Computer or Phone and post to your Twitter and Instagram Accounts Easy 

I was very lucky to have attended a training with a group of experts who I have hooked up and are teaching People how to use Social Media the proper way. This is so Important for any Business esp. those in the Network Marketing Industry.

On Wednesday night a very sharp couple who used this method to attract 20,000 followers in the husband’s Instagram account and 18,000 in his wife’s Instagram’s accounts shared this fabulous Information .. I love when people work together and they actually have a little competition going on COOL.


I will share at the end of this how you can connect with this group of Social Media experts but first let me tell you a few things you can do with this App called Crowdfire.

It is a totally Social Sharing experience. you can do so many cool things with just a click..


Compose and Schedule Posts directly from your toolbar and the great thing is that you can set the time to schedule ,or do it now or even better it will analyze your connection and share it the best time that most of them are active. WOW..


You can Take a Snippet of an Article like I did in the picture or get the whole article link and share






Hover over a Picture (350px X 250px) and if it is big enough the Publish Image Button Appears See the Picture to the left






Then Pick the time… I would suggest the BEST TIME unless you are going to post something like Periscope

or a message about a webinar starting now.

Set it And Forget it… it’s that simple



So How do you get this great App Well here it is The CrowdFire App Click Here 

This will take you to a Page to learn more on how to use this but I am sure you will love it..

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Special Bonus …..

Learn what the experts are doing in Social Media do get Leads for their Business. Click Here

  • Any Computer Experience Level
  • Setup a Blog Today
  • Start Getting Leads
  • Training and Recording on Everything
  • Support
  • Holy Moly!!!! Much Much Much More……

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