A really Cool Quote On Leadership

A good leader inspires people to have confidence in the leader, a great leader inspires people to have confidence in themselves Eleanor Roosevelt

In our business the Goal is to help people become leaders and the best way is to use the process of Edification. It is always important to tell people about your mentor but as the quotes say it is very important to help people to have confidence in themselves. Well I always suggested books for people to read to help bring out their hidden strengths. In our business the first book I like to recommend is The Magic of Thinking Big. See that and other books I recommend at http://bit.ly/ocvGN4


Never Underestimate The Power Of A Smile

“Never underestimate the power of a smile. . .do not allow yourself or others to be defined by your limitations but rather your abilities.” Eric Duquette
I truly believe that this story should be shared with every child in grade school. This story is not just for themselves but also to understand that they need to support other kids who have learning challenges.

As you watch this short video THINK……….. http://youtu.be/T1gZ0xszDmc


Malnutrition,Mannarelief and Mannatech Scam

There is over 5 million children dying of Malnutrition each year. Well there are 2 groups MannaRelief and Mannatech who are answering the call. But there are people out there who out of the angry in their hearts are trying to bring goodness down .

As a Retired Detective I always investigate the facts not opinions otherwise there would be a whole lot of Butlers in jail if you know what I mean.

The best thing to do is to look at these 2 short video’s and you make your own decision based on truths.

The first video is about MannaRelief and What they are doing to Nourish The World http://bit.ly/pP17Fl

The Second video is about the Mannatech Scam http://bit.ly/nWtPWh

Please share your thoughts and come join me in helping the kids… http://bit.ly/nXFhIu 

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Australian Gov’t Awards 10 Million Dollar Grant

Australian Gov’t awards 10 Million Dollar Grant To Dr.Talitha Best http://bit.ly/rqPkts . I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Best and she is one sharp Lady. She has a big passion for her research of a this very important Nutrient which we all need for better health.

“Dr. Best has been committed to investigating the impact of plant saccharides, including Mannatech’s Ambrotose complex, on brain function for more than six years”

Now the Gov’t of Australia has awarded her a Grant for further studies..

The Australian government recently awarded Dr. Talitha Best a 12-month Researchers in Business (RiB) grant to help develop research on Mannatech’s glyconutritional products and to promote Australian research innovation.

The $10 million RiB program is part of Enterprise Connect, an initiative within the Australian government’s Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research. The program is designed to accelerate industry innovation and competitiveness by connecting university and public agency researchers with businesses that wish to develop new ideas with commercial potential.

You can learn more about the product she is researching and the importance of this nutrient for your health at http://bit.ly/mUHwls

Progressive Resistance – A Must For Growth Part 2

This is the second part of that article I shared yesterday with you. Thanks for the folks who shared this with me..There are three specific things you can do to find new baselines of weight in which you can incorporate the principle of progressive resistance. http://bit.ly/pT1wjV 

I learn a lot from this article and have increase my Strength by using these simple steps.. I also use all natural supplements not the synthetic vitamins you buy in the stores. If you think cheap is the way than you really don’t understand true health for your body. http://bit.ly/nXFhIu 

You can learn more about the author of this information at http://bit.ly/qGoguC this is one cool guy…


Progressive Resistance—A Must for Growth Part 1

I came across a great article about weight training.It explains about how to build muscle and increase resistance. http://bit.ly/oBMM0A

I was telling some young guys how I started going to the gym now on a regular basis.When I told them about the anount of weight i was using you could see in their face OH YEA BS  So the next day I went to the gym and asked someone to video this set.Not bad for 59

Look here tomorrow for Part 2

If you knew your nutritional supplements were made of petroleum and rocks, would you switch?

The truth about what’s really in most vitamins is shocking. Coal tar, petroleum, rocks: they’re all common ingredients in synthetic supplements, which make up 95% of the nutritional supplement market in America alone.* And ingredients like that simply aren’t absorbed well (if at all) by your body.

Add to it that we typically don’t consume all the nutrients we need at the proper levels in our diet, and it’s no surprise that malnutrition is the #1 health risk in the world, affecting more than 925 million people worldwide. Is this you? Watch This Short Video and Learn More About this Problem

Is Mannatech a Scam Dr. John Rollins

Is Mannatech A scam So many people have concerns about what they read on the Internet. But remember some of those posts are people who post on all companies because they don’t have anything better to do but try to pull people down. It is the Crab in the bucket story..Dr Rollins a retired US Patent examiner and Professor answers questions that might be alarming to you. http://bit.ly/rbl5Bn