Every year around Halloween in Oct in the Northeast we come around to the splendor of nature. Autumn brings everything from the changing trees to the squirrels hiding their winter food. But than we start to look for a cool Drink to match the season and I found this Osolean Drink.

Another thing we do is start thinking about how will we lose that weight before Thanksgiving and the holiday season. Well I found a really cool Autumn drink to start your diet on Halloween.

Halloween Autumn Drink

pumpkin_smoothie_mannatech-cropSo Why Not have a Halloween Autumn Drink that brings out the flavors of the season but now you can start your New Year Resolution of losing that excess Fat and lose that Pumpkin Belly.

Back in 2008 I was first introduced to the science and idea about It is not about how much weight you lose but How Much Fat YOU Lose.

Studies have shown that people lose 50% Fat and 50% Muscle when losing weight.I was trying so hard to get stronger that it just wasn’t working but than I found Osolean (O So Lean) back in 2008.

So why not start in the Autumn season which I know is scary around Halloween with all the candy around but this drink could give you the sweets you are looking for while beginning your Fat Loss Program.

Here is the link to see how to make this great Osolean Halloween Autumn Drink..  You can make it without or without the Fat Loss healthy Ingredients too. http://allaboutmannatech.com/mannatechs-pumpkin-spice-smoothie-recipe/

If you want the Osolean and Nutriverus go here otherwise just enjoy the Halloween Autumn Drink ingredients without them but I would suggest to add the Nutriverus and watch a movie.. http://bit.ly/1othRrQ

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