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Welcome to Newyorkmike’s Social Entrepreneur page (aka Floridamike ) I want to make your Experience here Fun and Easy 

I am a Retired NYPD Detective, Former Business Owner and now a Social Entrepreneur. Our goal at Newyorkmike is to make your experience fun
and help you to Improve your Health while creating an Even better way to increase your income.

There are 2 Types of People who have been invited to view this website.

IMG_1879The First Person is a person who is looking for a Financial Opportunity. Are You looking to add an extra $500, $1500 per month, or even more to your present income? Baby Boomers, Millenials all want to start a Business now to improve their lives. This is a perfect Opportunity because it addresses the Future Major Trends.

Do you know that you would need to have $100,000 in the Bank and get 5% Interest to have an extra $500 Per Month every month

Do you know that you would need to have $300,000 in the Bank and get 5% Interest to have an extra $1500 Per Month every month

Let’s work together and let us help you do this working from Home in your spare time.

If You are  looking to have Time Freedom, Travel, Play Sports, spend time with family or what I like to always say” Have 6 Saturdays and A Sunday.” If this is you Watch this Video now  Click Here or below in Spanish, Portuguese or Chinese

2017-04-25_1648The Second Person are those who are looking to improve their Health by using All Natural Products, Anti-Aging Products, Weight management and Sports Products Based on The Real Science of Glycans and Not Hype. Important to Watch   CLICK HERE NOW  

We have 19 Peer-Reviewed and Published Studies.
Which 12 are Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-controlled Human Clinical Studies.
Also 131 Patents and growing to protect our Science and you…
Not Patents on Labels and Jar size but what’s in the product.

Most companies don’t even have one study on their products…

So Let’s continue on … 

Start Your Your Business

Click Below and Watch the Video in English, Spanish, Portuguese or Chinese

It will require about 20 Min. Is your Freedom worth 20 min?

In EnglishChange Your Life in the Next 90 Days

En Espanol – Cambia tu vida en los proximos 90 dias

Em Portuguese – Mude sua vida nos próximos 90 dias

Chinese Opportunity 在接下来的90天里改变你的生活

GlyconutrientsWhat Are GLYCANS AKA Glyconutrients

This is an Important link for you to watch if you want to Improve your health.
Get the facts that will help educate you about the Importance of Glyconutrients. Click Here  

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NutriverusAll in one Natural Solution.

Our newest technology is perfect for the person who wants to have an all in one solution to start their journey on having better Health. Just add it to your Protein shake, Smoothie or just sprinkle on your food. It’s that easy to start having better health.
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Science Site

Science Site Studies, Ingredients Esp. great for Medical Professionals.

Using science, we develop safe, natural and innovative dietary supplements and skin care products. If you are interested in learning more about our science, you are at the right place  http://bit.ly/1uxBQeU 

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The World’s Most Complete Coffee

Enhanced by Nature

GlycoCafé doesn’t just give you a delicious boost to get through your morning

It supports Wellness for the Entire Day.*

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The Most Advanced Ginseng Product on Earth

You will never want to use Another Ginseng Product after Trying GINMAX

This unique dual-layer tablet is created with the world’s first fermented white Panax ginseng and is combined with
a potent fermented red Panax ginseng, making GinMAX the most advanced ginseng supplement in the world.
The white ginseng fermentation process is designed to be better absorbed for increased efficiency,
while the fermented red ginseng metabolizes later.
In short, it can work faster and last longer than other ginseng products.*

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New Skin Care

Our Amazing Product UTH pronounced  ” YOUTH “ Turn back time and the 7 signs of aging. There is no other product like this on the market.

This is not Hype its Science     http://newyorkmikeblog.com/skin-care/

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It’s not about how much Weight you lose for good health but how much Fat you lose.


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The World’s First
 All-in-one Fitness Drink
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For the first time ever, the Major Elements of Fueling, Hydration, and Recovery have been combined into a Single Fitness Product. 
EMPACT+ provides safe energy that you can enjoy any time. You’ll be able to do more—and recover faster.*



SocialBecome A Social Entrepreneur “M5M”

Learn How to make a great income $$$$ have better health and save kids who are suffering and dying of Malnutrition and do this in your spare time or full time. http://newyorkmikeblog.com/m5m/

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Being a Retired NYPD Detective I couldn’t have a page that doesn’t help you investigate the case and get the facts .So put your Detective Hat on and explore http://newyorkmikeblog.com/investigate/

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We treat our customers with the highest respect 

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  • 180 days Customer guarantee
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If you need any more information please feel free to call me 917-807-6394

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