NewYorkMike Chicago Sept 2008Well as I promised I will now share with you my results after my first week on the Product Osolean. The Picture is the week before I started.

But before I share with you the video let’s look at what I was doing that first week. First thing I did was to sit down and write what I ate the week before so I could see where I could make some better food choices. My goal was to reduce 500 cal. Well I knew if I gave up my Ice Cream Sundae that would help.

I started my day and make a simple shake. I made a mixture of Osolean and a Meal replacement powder “Chocolate of Course” . I know you can get it in Vanilla too for you chocolate hatters…  I also on some days would mix the Osolean into my Oat Meal it mixed and tasted real good. Just contact me or go to the website for some other recipes.

Throughout the week I continue my regular routine of going to the gym and taking my walks in the park.

Now my eating habits were first the drink followed a few hours later with a sandwich. Example Turkey with tomato and mayo on whole wheat. Than i has some fruits in the afternoon to break up between meals instead of Ice Cream.

Than about 20 minutes before dinner I would take Osolean again but without the other Powder. The way that I found which worked for me is I would mix 2 ounces or so of OJ and 6 Oz of water with the Osolean and it was delicious to me. But some people later I found liked to add it to yogurt or made another protein drink. Just find what you like and do that but there are some great recipes on the site now to help you.

Now for dinner I would have chicken with pasta and vegetables or Steak,Pork whatever sounded good that day. Maybe some rice or sweet potato etc…

Than later I would have a small sandwich Peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat.. I found this Whole wheat by Arnold that is only 40 cal per slice.Yes it worked for me but you have to find what worked for you.

As the week progressed I noticed several things I lost my desire to go for my Sundae’s and started to feel more energy.. Pretty Cool so far.

Well it came time for my measurements because I dint jump on the scale everyday because that is cause for disaster…It is about Fat Loss Not Weight Loss. Now I want to discuss something here which I believe is very important and I didn’t know when I started my measurements. As you will see in all the video’s that I will share with you I only measured by Belly area. But the correct way would be to measure all key pints of your body.. Neck, Butt,Upper arm,wrist,ankles,Thighs etc, Why because fat will come off at different parts of your body. Example I had enough fat on my back that when I ran my upper back would seem to move up and down. Example Ladies I think you know what I mean but it is in your front.:)

Well it’s time for the video………. Start to look at my face and chin or should I say Chins and watch what happens in the future..

Holy Moly this stuff is working… Now imagine what you can do in the next four weeks before New Years Eve. You could be rockin so make today your day for your Resolution.

Well the next time I will share more video’s to encourage you because if I can do it so can you..

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and let’s get you started and set up for your FAT Freedom. Order now and contact me for tips and encouragement..

Hey share this with your friends and they will be very Thankful to you…


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