Magic Of Thinking Big In Network Marketing

The Magic of Thinking Big in Network Marketing is crucial to your long-term Success in our Profession.

Magic 1When I first started in this Industry it was Highly suggested to read the Book The Magic of Thinking Big esp if you want to succeed in Network Marketing…

From every stage, you would hear start with this book and pay very close attention to Chapter 2. This is probably one of the most important things to do if you truly want to succeed in anything.

Now you might be saying I read this book years ago but I am highly recommending you read this book again. Not next month but next week.


I want to highlight some of the features in Chapter 2 as it pertains to your success in the Network Marketing Profession. The Chapter is named Cure Yourself of Excusitis, The failure Disease. Well, that should tell you that this is a problem and something you will want to study.

Have you every felt when talking with people that they seem to have an excuse for everything… Oh, I can’t seem to lose weight, I can’t exercise, I don’t’ have time, I can’t be on time and on and on and on.
In the book, the author says there are 4 things that hold people back:

  1. My Health isn’t Good
  2. But You’ve Got to Have Brains to Succeed
  3. It’s No use I am Too Old (or Too Young)
  4. But my case is different I attract Bad Luck

Well, these are great things and you probably have heard them in one form or another in our Profession. So let’s look at them from our Profession.

20111006-145128-150x150I am in the Health and Wellness Industry and we teach people all the time you got to stay positive about your health. In the Book, he gives 4 examples on how not to let this become an excuse in your life. But there is a lot more than just talking about it, you got to do things so you feel healthy. I truly believe everyone needs to eat better, Drink water, not sodas, exercise and take supplements esp. all natural Supplements. Most people don’t even know that 95% of supplements are synthetic.
But we have to stop talking about feeling bad for yourself and for others… Don’t let it creep into your business, Oh so and so doesn’t look good, Or so and so is Fat or so and so is always complaining.You see if you do that everytime you see this person not only do you feel bad but you will actually develop a bad attitude towards that person. So when you see people in your organization say hey you are looking fantastic or great. Whatever words make you feel good about yourself.



The next is your don’t have the Brains. I Remember always hearing the A,B Students work for the C Student.

I remember a Chinese guy on my Team who’s English wasn’t great. He came with me to a company event in Philadelphia. At the beginning of the event he looked at the person on the stage and said IF HE CAN DO IT SO CAN I… He went on to build an organization with tens of thousands of people in China and around the world. We meet every 3-4 months and still talk about that Line to this day.

So how do you start believing in yourself? It’s simple, get into reading Positive Books like the one I mentioned above The Magic of Thinking Big Also read Think and Grow Rich those were the first 2 books I was suggested to read over 25 years ago and I am still recommending them today to any new person.


It’s funny but Chapter 2 is very important in Think and Grow Rich too… Make sure you do the exercise the chapter 2…


2016-04-20_2128Now the next one really cracks me up but let me share a story if you think you might be too old or too young. When I first saw this Profession I was a Full-time NYPD Detective and Business owner I got introduced to a Young guy he was 25 and retired when he was 21… I said to him whatever you are doing if it is honest and Legal I am In… Enough said about being too young. Now a few weeks later I met someone else he was 60 and I was 33. I said to him what are you doing in this business? He said kid turn around you see all these young people? They are all excited , they are all Positive and they all have great dreams and going in the right direction in life. He said my friends are all complaining, telling me about their drugs and aches and pains. He continued to say I want to be around young positive people. They keep you young… So don’t let your age keep you from having a great life because people are watching you…. Don’t Quit.


Picture6The last excuse is I have Bad Luck… The only bad luck you will have is if you quit this Profession… Remember you had great Luck because you met the person who introduced you to this Business Profession. I know people move around in the Industry because they are trying to find their niche but the Industry part doesn’t change. Hell, I was with one company for 20 years but then I was looking for Natural Products so I could stay younger and have more energy and wow God Sent me to my present company. So don’t lose faith you had great luck that day you said Freedom and signed your Application.( Now Digital 😉 )

You see as I am writing this I am 65 and retired from full-time work at 42 and fully understand that you want to be ahead faster. Becasue I never quit I am always excited to shake someone hands and say hey you ever heard of our Profession. So go read the book and let’s meet on the beaches of the world.



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