Michael Geddes

M5M - Mission 5 Million.. Millions of Kids die every year and you can help.

There are many reason to become successful but there is none better than giving a child a chance to become whatever God intended them to be .. But they need a chance and that is why I am proud to be a Social Entrepreneur.

What is the difference between a Business Entrepreneur and a Social Entrepreneur ? Business Entrepreneurs typically measure performance in profit and return, but Social Entrepreneurs also take into account a positive return to society.We need your Help ..

Imagine you can help Yourself Financially and our Cause at the same time. I’m working with a movement to help children who are suffering and dying from Malnutrition and we need your help…

Imagine you could be part of one of the Biggest movement of the 21st century and make a great living by making a difference in other people’s lives and your life at the same time and be proud of your success.

What is it ? Well have You ever heard of TOMS Shoes? It is a Social Entrepreneur Company that donates shoes to kids in need every time someone buys a pair of shoes. It’s a great concept.

I am working with an organization that has a Unique Product Technology and a Mission to help 5 Million Kids who dying from Malnutrition. They have a similar program to TOMS…but the cool thing is, they are willing to pay people like you and me to help them.

Could you or anyone you know use an extra $500 ,$1000, $2,000, $5,000,$10,000 or more per month as a second income and be PROUD of what you are doing for a living..

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Watch this video I know it will touch your heart like it did me.

5 Million Kids Need Your Help

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