Have You always wanted to Learn to do FaceBook Live from your PC or MAC Well Now you can and its Fun. Follow the Video or Steps Below its simple and easy.  Inspire people right from your PC or MAC.

Learn to Do FaceBook Live From Your PC or MAC

  • Here are the Simple Steps
  • Download The FREE Program at www.obsproject.com 
  • Download The OBS Studio for your Home Computer




  • 2016-05-30_1138Go to Your FaceBook Fanpage (must have one)
  • Once there click on Publishing Tools on Top
  • Next Click on Videos
  • On Next Page on right CLICK LIVE
  • Copy Your Stream Key to Notepad
  • Put page on Bottom as is…. Open later


  • 2016-05-31_1353_001Open Your OBS Program
  • On Lower Left you will see 3 Boxes go to the Scene Box and hit +
  • Box will pop up saying Add Scene Give a name “FaceBook Live”
  • Go to next Box Sources and Hit +
  • ADD Audio Impute
  • Add Display Capture
  • Add Video Capture
  • Go to the right and now Hit Settings
  • 2016-05-31_1317Now Click Stream







  • 2016-05-31_1417New Box  Stream Type is Streaming Video
  • Service is FaceBook Live
  • Server is Default
  • ADD your Stream Key you copied earlier



  • You are Ready to Broadcast
  • Bring up your Fanpage
  • Bring up Your OBS Porgram
  • On Fanpage you will see ” Preview” Click it
  • It will load and change to a Blue Button that says GO LIVE
  • Click it and then on your OBS page click Start Streaming
  • You are now streaming HAVE FUN and share and Inspire

Tip if you get an error message saying Stream is not working you need to make a new Stream Link under Live.

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You can do a Live Stream for your Business ,New Product or what I like is Leadership and Tips. I hope these steps were easy to Learn how to do a Facebook Live from your PC or MAC …

I truly help this can add some value to your business and if it did leave me a comment and like my fanpage.


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