Keys of Think and Grow Rich For Your Success


Think And Grow Rich is One of the Greatest Books of all time .If you want to change your life in the next 12 months I would highly suggest understanding the keywords in the Name.It is THINK And then You Grow Rich… The Keys of Think and Grow Rich For Your Success is not in what you do today but what you do every day.

In fact, there is an update version of Think and Grow Rich for the 21st Century still based On the original mindset of Think and Then Grow Rich

I recently listened to a great speaker Bob Proctor who spoke about this book and how we need to change How we THINK in order to Grow Rich. I meet so many people that they use every excuse to not want to change their Mindset and want to just rely on their old thinking. Please, it is time to wake the inner you.




The starting Point is your Desire… What do you really want? In my business when I am sitting down with a person I usually ask them 3 Questions. The first one is always “What Do You Want” I want to learn what is their true Desire. What do they want for themselves and their Family ? What is the Hot button that they have hidden inside of them.



TGR1Think right now for a few minutes. In the next 6 months If time and money were not an issue, what would you like to change in your life? Maybe take a cool vacation, get a new car, start putting some money away for retirement, maybe just go out for a Special treat with someone you just enjoy being with and laughing.

Write it down on a piece of paper now. Now for the next month keep that paper with you and read it every morning when you get up,put it on your bathroom mirror, when someone starts talking negatively at work pull it out and read it and then before you go to bed at night read it again.

Does what you just wrote down bring a smile to your face.. 🙂 Yes or Yes… Do you Think that if you could read 10 pages a day of this Book Think and Grow Rich and if your life might change is it worth it ?

I am going to share with you a quick story which changed my life. It will only take a minute but if you catch the meaning I hope you leave a comment below a month from now on how you feel.

Here’s my quick story…

After joining her business a good friend of mine Ruth asked me the first question I shared earlier at the beginning. My answer was I wanted to retire at 42 years old and I was 33 at the time.

Well one day she came up to me and Said” Mike do you really want to retire when your 42 because if you do you better start to read because you have a bad attitude”. The nerve of her but she did something very smart she put my Dream first before the remark. See she had my interest first and then the solution otherwise I might have gotten mad at her.

She then sat me down and showed me a solution to how to get started reading at my pace. Thank God she did and my life has been so much better and I believe so will your life .

That’s it for today Think and Grow Rich….


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