How to have a vision for your future

eagle-1310607How to have a vision for your future is so important if you focus on the right things.. You need to have a Eagle Vision of a person who can focus and fly solo to achieve your Dreams.

Today I am going to give you some ideas to ponder on to help you and show you how to have a vision for your future.

Life is too short to always being missing out on your real inner potential. We all have inside of us a Lion that is ready to roar but what is holding you back.

Most of the time is what we think other people think and what we think our situations are that prevents us from roaring.

  • Question (1)We say things like well you don’t understand my situation, My Boss, My kids, My car , my my poor self.
  • How about his one..Its easy for you to say…
  • Or If I……….
  • I love this one esp. people in Home based Businesses It just isn’t working, How about saying I wasn’t working…
  • I don’t have the money is another good one but let’s go to the Movies and boy you Found 20 bucks…

You have to change this by looking in the Mirror and seeing yourself as better than you thought. Think of yourself like a cat looking in the mirror and seeing a LION. Thats You.. You are a Winner.

When you think about your life the number one thing to think about is What Do you want to Become ?
What is that one thing you always wanted in your life. Are you tired of just being one of the good old boys/girls in the office living the Yes Sir no Mam life..
Take out a piece of paper and write down if time and money weren’t an obstacle what 3 things do you want to Become. I WANT TO BECOME A _ _ _ _ _

Another things you want to think about How do you want to be Known? Do you want to be known for sharing value in people’s lives or always taking but not giving back.. I always find that the happiest people are the ones who are always giving not just their money but they give their time, their knowledge . Ever see people that every time you meet them they want to give you a Hug. So How do you want to be known ?? Write some thoughts down.

Now one of the main things you might want to ponder as you are achieving your Dream is to stop thinking about the Moneymoving-forwards-1-1141729

but think about what you want to become…..moving-forwards-4-1141712as you walk the road of your dream.

You see to reach any dream you have to go through a lot of things which at some times will beat you up.. The road of success is not a straight road there are always curves and obstacles along the path.. To change these roads I would suggest to start reading some Positive books.

I always like to suggest Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

How to have a vision for your future those 3 things should be your Mindset.

  1. What Do You Want To Become?
  2. How do You want to Be Known
  3. Stop focusing on the money but Eagle Focus on Who you want to become.

Now once you have done this you will want to go and teach what you have learned and share it with the world… Where is the world meeting nowadays on Social Media esp. Facebook. So here is a free gift for you to learn to start to be an expert of Facebook

So please hlion-1484367-639x844ave a great day and one last suggestion don’t waste a lot of time pondering on this and go become Known to the world and Roar like that Lion that you really are and help change the world.

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Have a Great Day………..

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