Fear Of Doing A Video Online is probably one of the most hardest things for a person which holds them back from being successful in Video Marketing Online.

I am going to show you how to get started and don’t be fearful but first let’s’ look at some of the reasons why you might be afraid to put yourself on Camera. It usually starts with the thoughts that you have grounded in your head and will be gone soon I promise.
Remember you won’t see the Rainbow unless you go through the Rain


Some of the Negatives you might experience but please Ignore

  • Your FalseEvidenceAppearing RealSelf Image and what you put into your subconscious mind about yourself.
  • You might think you too fat or too skinny… As you might not know I use to be a Detective and I was on one of those Crime shows. They always say the camera makes you look 10 lbs heavier well my girlfriend told me wow they must of had 3 cameras on you.. Well I laughed and until this day I still laugh because i didn’t care I was on TV and you shouldn’t care either. You are going to become a celebrity and will have fun.
  • You Might care what your family or friends might say.. Oh you looked fat , your mole showed, or your hair was a mess ..Don’t worry what they all say because sometime they are afraid that you are stepping outside of their little world. Just remember this it’s a lot more fun outside of your comfort Zone.

Just remember when you start doing videos you will always have the Haters they will not like anything you do. Just think about whenever you tried something new did people say negative things ? So don’t worry… There will always be more Positive people applauding you for what you are sharing and giving value to their lives.



A Year from now they will be saying did you see so and so on FaceBook wow they are doing so great. I always knew they would be great at that Internet video business stuff..




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If you are ready make sure to read MY Post on the 4 things you need to put in every video your post. just quickly

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Fear Of Doing A Video Online can turn into a fun everyday adventure with the proper guidance.

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