Entrepreneurship and Identifying Sugars

Identify Sugars hidden in our foods is the first step to get off of this craving all day long for them. So you are probably thinking what does Identifying Sugars and Entrepreneurship have in common. At the end of this story there is a link for an amazing article Breaking Your Sugar Habits and how to Identify Sugars.. But how did Sugars lead me to Entrepreneurship.

tea-1327515We all have probably started out as a young kid thinking about what is for dessert. My example of this was my father always after dinner having a cup of Tea and a small piece of cake, jello or pudding.I think the only thing that kept me from developing that habit was I didn’t like anything hot such as Tea..

So I was always looking for the Ice Cream truck to satisfy my urges for feeling good. But there was the money issue and my Mom wasn’t  giving it up so easy.That is one of the reasons why I started to work so I could have a little money when the Ice Cream truck arrived. I was always skinny as a kid up until I was about 25 and that had a lot to do with we didn’t have computers ,Ipads xboxes etc we had stickball, hide and seek, football or just having a catch.. You get the message it’s called exercise.

Lets me share a story with you and you will see how it all comes together and how it started me on my path towards Entrepreneurship.

One of the greatest days of my life was when I was working in a small grocery store at the age of 8 to make some extra money to get ice cream for me.  I use to get a big kick at seeing my Mom’s face when I would bring home a bag of treats for her and my family. Nobody knew I had to work about 3-4 hours to pay for it but the smiles were worth it. But it taught me some very valuable lessons esp. if you want something you have to work for it and put Action behind your Dream.

But something even more important happened at that store during the few years that I worked there on and off after school.The Owner whose name was also Mike was a Jewish immigrant from Hungary who shared the following words which changed my whole life forever. he said,”Go to school get a good education but if you want to be successful own your own business”. I never forgot this statement.

My chores at the store was everything from stocking the shelves, cashier,cleaning the floors but never using the slicing machine. This became a Dream for me to use the slicing machine. Everyday I would go near the machine and pretend i was slicing some cheese, roast beef,turkey etc. I remember being in the aisle stocking shelves and I would hear someone say give me a pound of Bologna and I would think about me cutting it. You need to visualize your Dream and be HUNGRY for it .

Then one day a few years later he let me cut some cold cuts what a day I was so happy and couldn’t wait to go home and tell my Mom and Dad. They didn’t really understand my excitement but they were happy for me. That is another key to success share your Happiness with those who support you not the negative people.To this day everytime I go to the Deli and see the slicing machine I flash back and sometime tell the story…

Your Dream will come True by being persistent and always visualizing Your Dream. This lead to me becoming a Police Detective ,Business owner and now a Network Marketing Professional. Almost every success book talks about this principal. Go ahead start now… write down something now.

Entrepreneurship is always Sweeter when you Identify your Sugars and you attached a Dream to it.

Please Break the bad Sugar Habit but not your Dream Habits…

Now the sad part of this is that it laid the groundwork of disaster in my mindset about the way to feeling good was having Ice Cream “SUGAR” and not realizing the consequences. If I would of had article like the one in this article in the newsletter SparkPeople about Breaking The Sugar Habit  maybe I would of thought different about what I was eating and Drinking on my path of being an Entrepreneur.

Please share this article Breaking The Sugar Habit with anyone struggling with Sugar.

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Have a Great Day and Sweeten it with good Sugar and Your Dream


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