Desire And Dedication To Achieve Your Dream

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The 2016 Olympics just ended and people don’t really realize what it takes to become a world-class Athlete.They cheer for their country and their favorite athlete but really don’t understand the intense dedication they have for their Dream and Goal.


The Secret of how these athletes became champions are found in these 2 fundamental mindsets DESIRE AND DEDICATION

So Let us take a look at them Separately how Desire And Dedication To Achieve Your Dream will happen.

Rear View MirrorThere are three parts to desire:

The Dream “YOUR WHY”

The Vision

#1 The Dream also know as Your Why. Have you let yourself Dream lately ? Just pause for a minute and try this 2-minute exercise.Begin to imagine all of the great things your life could become If Time and Money were taken out of the equation. How does it feel ? Are you smiling right now ? Do you feel better now than 2 minutes ago? Now that leads you to the next step.

#2- The Vision – Once you see all the great things that you thought about now cut back and think of one of them that if in the next 6-12 months would begin to change your life in a Postive way… You are now beginning the journey of creating a vision for your life. You really begin to see it as you want it… Now the tough part but fun part begins in the next Step.

#3-Focus – Once you have this vision of your new life you have to get really lasered focus on a specific plan to move on this Vision and Dream…

Now comes Dedication…

dedicatedThere are also three parts to Dedication:

The Plan

Getting Started


#1- The Plan  Without a plan, you will drift all over and never accomplish anything.

You will certainly not carry out your dream if you do not have a plan.

So write it down. Set your Daily goals. I just began a Coaching Program to help me move forward in another area of my life.

Know what you want and how you are going to get there.

#2 – Getting Startedmoving-forwards-1-1141729

This may sound simple, and yet it is simply profound.Many people have a dream, and they even have a plan, but they never begin.

It’s so simple: Just start. The first step on the long journey is still just one step.If you have a dream and a plan, take a step in the right direction.

The Chinese have a saying. The Journey of 10,000 steps begins with taking the first step. So stop Procrastinating and get Started..


#3- Perseverance

Lastly is to persevere. Every road to every dream has a section or sections that are hard to travel. Every great dream will encounter difficulty.

The question isn’t whether or not you will encounter trouble, but how you will respond to trouble. You will have people who are always going to try to bring you down and keep you from moving forward on your Dream. Remember It is Your Dream, not theirs and they don’t see what you see.

Will you quit when the going gets tough or will you persevere?

I have found that every successful person I know, myself included, has encountered problems along the way that tempted them to quit.

Yet, they persevered and achieved their dream.

Year From Now Desire And Dedication To Achieve Your Dream Check List. As you do, think about where you are in the progression of becoming a world-class dream pursuer.

  1. Dream
  2. Create a vision
  3. Focus the vision
  4. Develop a plan
  5. Begin to pursue the dream
  6. Persevere

Desire And Dedication To Achieve Your Dream is your Responsibility…

Please Share this article… There are many people who could benefit from these ideas and help change their lives too… 

Chinese Proverb -When you find something and you benefit from it You have a MORAL OBLIGATION to share it with others.


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