Creating a New Comfort Zone in Network Marketing is one of the most important things to do when starting a new Business venture esp. in the Network Marketing arena. So let’s look at some of the factors to think about and bring into creating a new comfort zone.

58204-Leaderquotesattitudequotes#1- Be Truthful and Kind – This story is important…When starting out in this Industry back in the 1980’s I was in Law enforcement with the NYPD and was always listening to what everyone was saying. Plus I was in traditional retail business in the Tavern and Restaurant industry. After being in MLM for a week I was invited to Philadelphia to attend an event called Spring leadership by my Sponsor also my girlfriend at the time. Two things happened that weekend one good and one bad which could have sent me running away from the Industry except the good one kept me in the Industry. The good one is what moved me towards creating a new comfort zone.
So let me explain first,the bad one. I might be a little old fashion but I detest people who curse in front of women and esp. my women. We just arrived at the event and I was so excited (remember your first function) to meet and learn everything. Then this upline jerk whom I met once came running off the escalator and came up to my sponsor and said,” Hey what the F are you doing you are F’ing it up”. OMG, then he said Oh nice seeing you again why don’t you go and get us some water. Now I want to punch him in the face throw him down the escalator. But all I can think about is if I do that she might lose her business because I don’t care I have a business. So I go over and get the water and coming back that is still going through my mind and I actually can see me throwing the water in his face and doing exactly that. The best part was seeing her face because she thinking about what could happen. After he left she calmed me down saying he really didn’t mean it but he just wanted to help. BTW I never trusted or like him from that day forward So that is something to think about always be kind to your people esp in front of other people because I could have quit and he wouldn’t have over 100,000 people in a group in China.
Now the GOOD one being truthful… While at the event I was listening to one of the speakers that just reached a great level and he was saying how he was making a Million dollars. Well,I just finished reading the comp plan and there is no way he was making that so I figured there was more money here that they didn’t tell us about. well, i use to run big parties and charge at the door and I knew there was money there. Also before attending this event I attended a weekly training and purchased some Cassette audio tapes (yes Cassette tapes) for $3.50 but everybody was saying at this meeting nobody was making money off of these tapes. Well, I decided to confront them and ask and obviously I wasn’t going to ask the jerk so I went to his Upline . Now this guy Patty D who treated me like gentlemen from the first time I met him I decided to ask him. Well he said, Mike,  I am going to tell you the truth Yes we make a profit from selling the tools when you reach a certain level. The reason they don’t talk about that is because new people get offended if you are making money off of them. But what they don’t understand is that they need this education more than any School they ever attended. Well now he just built of Level of Trust with me that we actually became good friends and to this day I respect him so much for being Truthful even thou I moved to a better opportunity.
So the Moral of this story is to be Truthful ,Kind and don’t be a jerk.


#2- Understand The Mission – We all need to understand that you are not only a business owner but part of a bigger Mission of helping other people change their lives. When you bring on a new partner you are making a commitment to them. Not only to them but to their family and future team members that you will be there for them so they can reach their goals. This all starts at the first time you meet with them and start to listen to what their dreams are. I have always taught What Do You Want ,When Do You Want It and What are you willing to do. This is a whole separate training but it gives you an idea of what their Mission is in your business is going to be.



Self Image
#3 – Become A Professional –
When I first started in this Industry I was taught make a list,call them, STP and then follow up. Then we hit the Malls and went everywhere to meet people. I am not going to spend a lot of time but there are 2 things I would do. Get and read the Book, Go Pro by Eric Worre and in this new Era of Network Marketing, you MUST not Maybe this is a MUST get involved in Social Media too. I watched a 19 Minute Video That has changed my whole Mindset about Social Media.



41hMaZUFF4L._AA160_#4 – Reading and Association – Reading was an area that I didn’t want anything to do with and then my Sponsor Ruth Sanchez said something that changed my life. She knew I wanted to retire at 42 when my 20 years in the NYPD was over. So she came to me and said,” Mike do you really want to retire at 42 because if you do you better start to read because you have a bad attitude. I could have gotten mad but she put my dream first so I knew she had my best interest at heart. She sat me down and said let’s look at how you can get started. So Ruth said I know everyone says to read a book a week but let’s get you started. Here is one of the greatest tips I share with all new people if they don’t like to read. She said let’s go to the last page of the book and divide it by 30 days, in this case, it was about 210 pages so she said could you read 7 pages a day to retire at 42. Once again she bought my dream back into the equation. Very Smart…. Well, that night I read 3 pages and went to sleep,the next night  5 but by the end of the week I was reading 15-20 pages a day.  I always thought those self-development books were about other people but they were really about me and how to be a better person.

The next thing is to associate with Positive people and to attend every company event. Here is the main reason not only the association part but MAJOR COMMITMENTS ARE MADE AT FUNCTIONS.
I made a Major commitment to learning about Social Media after attending a function where they had a Social Media panel. They talked about people sponsoring 300, 400 people into their primary business using Social Media Secrets but didn’t tell you the secrets. That is when I started to use my Detective skills and find out where they learned these skills. I found one of them and saw where she started and hooked up with her.Then my sponsor said Mike remember back in 2008/09 we looked at the group she came from well I joined again and he shared that 19 min video with me and Wow am I glad I joined them now.



#5 – Success is not a Buffett – try this try that there are Blueprints to success and you need to plug into your sponsor but I would highly suggest get on board with Social Media. There is a new era now in Network Marketing and you need to learn the secrets .





#6 – Create a New Comfort Zone – Apply all these things to your business and start Creating a New Comfort Zone. It will be a lot of FUN and will the greatest thing to bring joy into your life. Besides that is where all the fun people are outside the BOX.




Creating a New Comfort Zone
Can Be The Most Important Thing You Do In Your Life Today
No Matter what Age You Are Currently At Right Now

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