If you are going to do Video you will want to create a video with these 4 Important Steps.

If you are a Business Owner, A Network Marketer, a Solopreneur , Author, Personal Trainers or a Blogger there are some important steps to maximize your success in doing a Video. But before you go any further please like my page for future trainings www.facebook.com/newyorkmike

Okay watch this quick video for the 4 Step Video Blueprint. Take out a notepad and keep these notes in front of you when you are doing your first few videos.


The 4 Step Blueprint
1.  The INTRO

Write these down on a card or keep on your phone. Hey take a picture of the 4 Step Blueprint so when you are going to do a video refresh that you have these 4 Things in your video.

Now that you learn the 4 Step Blueprint to Video Marketing go make a video. 

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If You create a video with these 4 Important Steps send me your link in the comments below so I can share it..

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