Sand-Art with A Message

I love to watch talented individuals who have the ability to create and share their thoughts through Art. Well Sand Art amazes me to no end. This talented Individual shared a powerful story through Sand Art which will really keep you tuned to the screen. It is amazing and cool to watch. You will be […]

Why Social Entrepreneurship – Building a Business, a Healthy Lifestyle and Doing Great Things

Being an Entrepreneur is one thing Being a Social Entrepreneur is a whole much bigger and rewarding purpose in your life. Entrepreneurs go out and recognize that there are things and opportunity available for everyone. Social Entrepreneurs go out and see opportunity not only to help themselves but help other causes that most people are […]

Mannarelief and their New Program of Saving Kids Lives

It’s been an incredible first year with PhytoBlend powder which MannaRelief supplies to the needy children suffering from Malnutrition. Please watch this I know your heart will be touched . As Entrepreneurs we support this program by helping people build successful businesses .Each time our consumers use one of our Core Health Products we donate […]

Never Underestimate The Power Of A Smile

“Never underestimate the power of a smile. . .do not allow yourself or others to be defined by your limitations but rather your abilities.” Eric Duquette I truly believe that this story should be shared with every child in grade school. This story is not just for themselves but also to understand that they need […]

Malnutrition,Mannarelief and Mannatech Scam

There is over 5 million children dying of Malnutrition each year. Well there are 2 groups MannaRelief and Mannatech who are answering the call. But there are people out there who out of the angry in their hearts are trying to bring goodness down . As a Retired Detective I always investigate the facts not opinions otherwise there would be […]