So Becoming an Eagle in Network Marketing is so important for your success. After reading the rest of the story watch this Video about Eagles it will bring this post to life… Whether it is true or not people love sharing a story using Wildlife because of our love for animals. There is a lot of controversies around the story but take what I am going to share with you today and use it as an Eagle.



know I go into a Park in Queens New York and people go crazy to see the Hawks. When I am playing Golf in the area there are Hawks there and we all make such a big deal of them like they are so magically amazing. Oh, maybe I will make an Hawk (Eagle) on this Hole every golfer’s Dream…


eagle-1310607But the Eagle always had its own separate category of stories of being powerful in Leadership Talks. You hear motivation speakers myself included say things like, Fly like an Eagle or run with the Chickens, Are you Eagle focused, Leaders are Eagles in disguise, you get the idea…

But let’s go to the video and look at some of the mindset that the filmmaker is trying to get across. He talks about the Eagle if he wants to live until 70 he/she needs to make a major decision at the age of 40. He talks about the Eagle by the time he/she reaches this age his beak is bent, his Talons(claws) are no good anymore and His/Her feathers have become thick and heavy making it difficult to move around. Does any of the things sound familiar in your life? So now the Eagle has to go through some trying times like go to the top of a mountain and bang their beaks until it can be removed.

Have you felt at times like you are banging your head against the wall and not going anywhere in your business? So what can you do to grow your new Beak in your Business? Well, we know that this is the time to put more action into your Life and Business. We know as Professionals in our business we need to Fly like an Eagle or run with the Chickens. So to do this we need to read more Positive Books and listen to more positive tapes like an Eagle. We need to get our minds away from the Chickens and Fly with the Eagle Mindset.

Eagle Catching fish
So after the Eagle grows their new beaks and they now tear away their old talons and grows new ones so he can now hunt and eat properly. So how does this connect with your Profession? Easy start reading and listening to the motivation and put actions into your business. But do it with your new Mindset and forget the past. It is so important for your success and the success of your organization.




The last point he makes is about now that the Eagle has a new Beak, New Talons(claws) nut now he now need to get rid of the heavy feathers that are slowing him down. As most of you know I am in the Health and Wellness Area. Well, those heavy feathers that those Eagles grew over the years affect their Health. I started to realize that Fat on our bodies are like the heavy feathers on the Eagle and they are killing us. So I am Eagle Focused on helping people Lose Fat. whether they build a business with me or a customer they need the knowledge.  In our Profession, we need to show success in all areas of our lives not just with material things but in our appearances. Once the Eagle has grown all those new things once again He/She has once again become more powerful looking and fly to the heights. 

2016-04-20_2128You need to let go of the Past and start NOW now tomorrow but today. Start reading, listening to Cd’s, videos whatever will motivate you today. Start working on becoming the healthiest you can become by eating the right foods, exercising, drinking water and Dress for Success.

Start today your eagle Program you are not the only person affected people are watching you and you are a Great example to your family,friends, co-workers and the new person you shake hands with today.

Let’s Change lives today and Fly with The Eagles…


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