Social Entrepreneurship Week Celebrating – Social Entrepreneurs

Well a very important week has arrived “Social Entrepreneurship Week”and it runs from November 14 – 20th. It is a week for all Entrepreneurial Companies and Individuals to shine and share their success and experiences. I am a Social Entrepreneur and I am so excited to be able to have a business where you can […]

Sand-Art with A Message

I love to watch talented individuals who have the ability to create and share their thoughts through Art. Well Sand Art amazes me to no end. This talented Individual shared a powerful story through Sand Art which will really keep you tuned to the screen. It is amazing and cool to watch. You will be […]

Social Entrepreneur Interview

So many people try to bring people onto their teams before they conduct even a short Interview. It is so important that you sit down and see if people really are looking for an opportunity before spending all your time showing them your company. Social Entrepreneurship is going to be a serious business model of […]

Our Greatest Glory is not in never Falling but in Rising Every Time we fall.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall. -Confucius  In this saying Confucius was right on the money… If you go back into your life and see the times you fell in your life and then see how long did it take you to get back up. It […]

Why Social Entrepreneurship – Building a Business, a Healthy Lifestyle and Doing Great Things

Being an Entrepreneur is one thing Being a Social Entrepreneur is a whole much bigger and rewarding purpose in your life. Entrepreneurs go out and recognize that there are things and opportunity available for everyone. Social Entrepreneurs go out and see opportunity not only to help themselves but help other causes that most people are […]

Mannarelief and their New Program of Saving Kids Lives

It’s been an incredible first year with PhytoBlend powder which MannaRelief supplies to the needy children suffering from Malnutrition. Please watch this I know your heart will be touched . As Entrepreneurs we support this program by helping people build successful businesses .Each time our consumers use one of our Core Health Products we donate […]

Welcome To The Real World 2010 College Graduates – Nobody Wants To Hire You

This is a very important article because not much has changed in 2011. It is important to read this article and judge for yourself if things have changed in 2011.. We have been pointing this out to many people in NewYorkMike and how to start their own business. If you want a Real Opportunity that has […]