Getting Leads Made Simple and Fun

I am taken a whole new approach to building my business using Social Media. The New Era of getting leads for your business in the 21st Century is through Social Media . Getting Leads made Simple and Fun with the experts.No matter what type of business that you are involved in you will want to learn […]

Osolean Halloween Autumn Drink

Every year around Halloween in Oct in the Northeast we come around to the splendor of nature. Autumn brings everything from the changing trees to the squirrels hiding their winter food. But than we start to look for a cool Drink to match the season and I found this Osolean Drink. Another thing we do is […]

What are Glyconutrients {Video Post}

I was going to explain in my mind the meaning of Glycans but decided why I don’t have any background in Science or Medicine I was a Policeman. So I figure I will spend my time directing you to the Doctors and Scientist who will explain to you about Glyconutrients AKA Glycans… Watch this video […]

Nutriverus All in One All Natural Vitamin and Mineral Supplement plus more

  Here is the new name for Our Secret New Product”NUTRIVERUS” which arrived in April 2012. If you are tired of Popping all those supplements and If you are Really looking to discover an all Natural ALL IN ONE Vitamins/Minerals , Immune System Support , Antioxidants and a whole lot more See our full line […]

Nutriverus The All In One Multi-Nutritional Product Launch

Nutriverus the long-awaited All In One Multi-Nutritional Product will go on sale in North America on May 1st 2012. The launch of this new discovery in health is going to be a key factor in freeing the world of Malnutrition. Get on my special list of how to get your’s for FREE by entering your […]

You Could Start Your New Years Day Resolution Today

It is 2 days before Thanksgiving here in New York, a day when families comes together to give thanks.But it is also a day that many people kickoff the Holiday season. We head into this time of the year saying things like “right after the holidays I will lose that weight”. I will watch what I will […]

Mannatech Scam – Retired NYPD Detective Investigate

Mannatech Scam -Let’s address this case by first looking at the facts behind this company. As A Retired NYPD Detective I Investigate this as I would any case. You Decide Guilty or Not Guilty based on the facts not opinions. If you ever watched old movies from the 1940/50’s the Butler always did it. You […]