About NewYorkMike

Mike 14Who is New York Mike?

I am just like you always keeping my eyes open for better things….. I started my journey at a very early age.

When I was 8 years old I was working in a little grocery store in Queens, NY, when the owner made a statement that changed my life forever.

He said,”Go to school , get a good education but if you want to be successful start your own business.”

I never forgot that but I had a dream to become a Police Detective.

Just before my 22nd Birthday I entered into the NYPD and later reached my dream of becoming a Detective, but still never forgot what that man told me many years ago.

“But if you want to be successful start your own business”

Who caresSo at 33 years old I started several business opportunities. The hours were long and I felt like I would never had any free time to have fun.

I then got introduced to a group of Young Professional Network Marketers through a good friend. This became the greatest day of my life just as it might be for you today..

One of these gentlemen was 25 years old and retired since he graduated from college at 21. He told me he started while in College with some other college friends and they were all having fun.

I told him as long as it was honest and legal “I’m In” and wanted to be part of the Team.

Another important thing happened about 3 months into that Business. There was a gentleman by the name of Runzie he was 60 years old and I was 33. I asked him Runzie what are you doing in this Industry. We were at a Company function and He said, kid, turn around. He said you see all these young people? They are Positive , they have dreams, goals and having Fun.
Do you know what my friends are doing? They are complaining about their aches and pains, what pills they are using and not doing anything but complaining. He said I want to be around these young people in this business and it hit me like a lead pipe over the head. If you want to stay young you hang out with Positive young people. Another reason to be part of my team.


Thank God I did because I retired from a full-time work at 42 years young. I finally found Time Freedom. I wish I would have heard about this Industry when I was 20.

Believe me, there are 2 things in life which you should find very important for you and your family.They are Health and Time Freedom.

I have found the secrets to both and I want to share them with you. Everyone deserves better Health and the opportunity for Freedom…

The trends in 21st Century business have taken a major turn towards Health and Wellness and will create a whole new group of successful people.

The Industry is a 182 Billion Dollar Industry doing more than the NFL, Music and Movie Industry combined.

A photoWe at NewYorkMike are at the front end of this Major Trend which Wall Street Identified as the Next Trillion Dollar Industry with a 20-year-old company that has over 100 Product Patents.

 We are now putting together a few new teams of Entrepreneur Minded Individuals.

 I have also discovered a way for you to build Network Marketing in the 21st Century using Social Media which I will share with our New Team Members.

If this is you contact me directly … Text me at 917-807-6394 and say “I want in”

or shoot me an email at geddes51@gmail.com


A You 1I will send you information to take the next step with our “You Inc Global” team. We are helping people all around the world have Freedom.

Congrats on Making the right decision for finding solutions to have your Freedom….

Looking forward in meeting you………………

Mike Geddes