These 8 tips when feeling stuck in your business can help get you back on Track. The goal, in my opinion, is when you are building anything it has to be fun. I don’t care if it is a new Business, your job or even exercising it has to have fun built into your success program.

Don’t be Confused all the time.confusedSo let me share 8 tips that can help you grow and have some fun along the way.

1. Write down your goal and post it somewhere you will see it. Include how it will make you feel when you achieve your goal.

2.Create a simple and easy work mantra – for example “One more step to get ahead!” Saying your mantra as you work will help
cancel any negative thoughts as you work through your task.

3.Ask yourself, what would get you moving? It might be turning on some loud music, posting motivating quotes around your work area,
turning on all the lights to make your work area brightly lit, using motivation tapes, setting a loud timer, and/or asking a friend to be your accountability partner.

15 minutes4.Break it down into smaller time periods and assign tasks, and if it’s an extremely large goal, break it down by time. For example:
15 Minutes Make Calls
15 minutes to Post Online
15 minutes to Read or Listen to a Positive Speaker
Maybe take a few 15 Minutes slot for exercise and listen to something positive
Consider how you break down the time. Make sure it’s appropriate to complete the task. This way you can add and find more times.



5.Give yourself small rewards 
in between completing several steps toward your ultimate goal. Maybe a night out for dinner and movie with your better half.


6.Change location. If you can’t work at home, then go to the library or to the park. I do a lot of my Personal Development in the Park where no one is interrupting me.
I turn off the phone and read or listen to a Positive speaker.



Approve of YourSelf

7.Be positive
, use positive words and never beat yourself up. You are a Winner just for reading this so go and change your world and the world.

8.Keep going. If you get off schedule, just dust yourself off and start where you left off. Just don’t quit on your Dream ever.




Life is like a river. Your action is like a boat and paddle. Use it to get to where you want to go, or you may end up going nowhere. Don’t be stuck in a boring comfort Zone go create a New Comfort Zone.


These 8 Tips When Feeling Stuck In Your Business can be very simple to turn your business into a Speed Boat.

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