The 7 Trends to watch in Network Marketing are so important to follow in order to grow your future.



In a recent Article from the Direct Sales Industry ( ) they go over these 7 Trends.
But I want to go over them from a Builders View and why it is important for you as a Business Builder to stay in touch with these trends.
There are secrets and Tips which can help you build a bigger and faster business and teach to your teams. So let’s go and have some fun ūüôā


#1 = The Millennial Movement as they mention in the article they represent 25% of the Population. This is the group of people who were born between1977 and 2000.
There are a few things that stand out about them.
The First one I noticed when I talk to any of them the first thing that comes up is they feel like they were cheated with Student Loans.
One of my niece’s son went to a Great College in New York and took Sports Management¬†as his goal. He is now in $100,000 in School loans and if
you don’t¬†have a hook you don’t have a job. But I hear this all over when talking with these sharp people.
The Second thing I notice is that they want to have a business that they can control because they want to spend more time with their family and friends.
Sound Familiar people have been saying that one forever in time.
The Third is They all complain about the lack of jobs out there to choose from and I hate to say this but some of them want to start at the top.
I believe the best are those who start at the bottom and earn their respect going up the ladder.
Tip– When I started out in this Industry I was 33 years old. I was a Full-time Police Detective in the NYPD and was in the Bar/Restaurant Industry.
I was taught go look for people between the ages of 25-35. The reason was simple they came out of school were in the job force for a few years and reality set it and they don’t¬†like it.
Now I was moving forward but I had no time so I was looking. Almost everyone in my immediate upline was young sharp people in their mid to upper 20’s.
So when you talk with them hit their Hot Buttons, School Loans, Own Business Opp, Take control of their own lives. Start your conversation asking questions about these issues...
When you talk with a Business owner like I was. bring up the time factor. That was my big hot button. I got into business to retire early but there was no way that was happening.
My goal was to retire at 42 from full-time work… Thank God I saw this Industry and was taught how to add a replacement income to my full-time income…

#2-Diverse LandscapeThere are so many opportunities in so many markets in the USA and around the world. No matter where you live expand into other groups outside your own background. First, of all, it is fun to learn about new cultures and experience new foods.But for your business, it is a Major way to expand your business with a bigger Vision. See the USA breakdown in the article this will lead to the next trend which is Major and I will share some great tips on going Global.

Picture1#3- Global OpportunitiesAs I mentioned in the Diverse trend get out of your comfort zone of only dealing with your own ethnic group. Our Industry is exploding around the world.
There are over 100 Million people in this Industry and still growing. Don’t miss this opportunity. In Asia, it is highly respected to be in our Industry.
The big tip here is to go Global build Local. Let’s say your company is getting ready to announce they are going to open China.
Well, go eat Chinese food as often as you can and connect with people. Ask questions like where are you from? If they say China say Wow I am getting ready to do some business there.
What City are you from? Shanghai Wow I am looking for people in that area who want to make some good extra money. If they engage get their number and say let’s have Tea this week and talk.
If they are from a country you are not in yet.Talk about one day we are going to open there and maybe we could work together now.Hey let’s get together and have Team this week and talk maybe we can do some big things together.That is exactly what I did with a Chinese waiter who I met in 1987 and we didn’t open in China until 1995.Now there are over 100,000 people in that organization. Now I am looking for another group of people to expand a Huge opportunity in China with even a Better Opportunity.

#4- Changing Buying Habits¬†People are more intuitive now to looking and learning about products on their Cells phones. They also are looking for bargains. But one thing to be aware of is that you should never buy Wellness Products online unless you are buying directly from the company. Ther are too many counterfeit crap¬†products out there being re-packaged and you don’t want to put anything into your body that is not safe.

#5-¬†Changing the way to Work-¬† More and more people are¬†starting to control their own destinations. They are doing this by taking some of their spare time and converting into income. A perfect example is Uber. Take your car and drive in your spare time and create a second income to maybe go on vacation, pay off debt whatever. Last year I was in Colombia and guess what I used for transportation Uber. It was cool and fast. But the Network Marketing Industry gives you something, even more, the opportunity to¬†do the work today and continue to get paid. An example I spend time with people explaing about our ground breaking techonligies and ¬†some of those people 10 years later are still using the products and I am getting paid. Now that’s Cool. Now that is why these Trends are a perfect match for anyone who wants to change their lives. One of the Biggest trends is next and this is where I planted my feet. I actually left my original company after 20 years because of this next Trend.

5 POUNDS 200 2#6 – Wellness Continues to Surge – I remember back in 2007 there was a study done that talked about Health And Wellness being the next Trillion Dollar Industry. Well, now it is in its 2nd Trillion now. This had to do with the Baby Boomers who wanted to take control of their lives and have better health Options. With the rising costs of healthcare, they started looking at All Natural ways one being on of the solution and the Supplements Industry is a key factor. Well, a few years prior to that study I was looking for better Health Solution and was introduced to a company with All Natural Technologies and had real science. Now mine you it was hard to make a move after 20 years but my health was more important than Money. Putting the right products into my body was important. This is why that Study was so important people are looking for All Natural Solutions to their Health.
Now the Big driving force right now is the Obesity epidemic around the world. In the USA almost 74% of people are overweight. According to that article, 671 Million people around the world are Obese or overweight. In fact, even in China, more and more people are looking to get fit. In fact, it is a 586 Billion Dollar Industry around the World. So This Trend is most important to be involved in as a Business Opportunity.
This Trend is actually been growing for the last few years in the Direct Selling Industry and expected to keep growing in the future years.

#7- The Amazon effect. People want to shop online Period. More and More Dept Stores are closing their doors. But remember what I mentioned earlier you don’t want to buy any Health Products that you put into your mouth unless it comes directly from the Company and Network Marketing Companies are not allowed to sell on any sites unless it is from the company direct. So don’t hurt yourself and others by buying something that might be conunterfit products.

But people want to buy Online and we offer that and so do all the Network Marketing Companies.

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