These 7 Pillars of Social Media Marketing will make your life so much easier with more sales and referrals.

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These rock solid Pillars can not only be used for Social media but anything business model. I would highly suggest applying these strategies
in your Presentations, webinars  or Podcasts

These will help you build trust with your audience. Remember  So let’s take a look at them one at a time.



#1. The BIG Claim Or Promise – What is the Biggest Thing that is going to Happen when using your product or service. What is going to change in their life? If you are selling Fat Loss products you might want to say something like,” today I want to give you a solution to getting rid of that Hard to get rid of Belly Fat by doing these 3 simple steps. Do your think if someone is struggling with that they will want to continue to learn more about your product or service? Another example Are you tired of getting ripped off at when you shop for Organic food,clothes,cars whatever ? You see you want to engage them with the Big Claim or Promise.

#2 – Address the Problem or Challenge – So you have this Big Belly full of bad fat and if you don’t start to fix this problem now it could lead to many other health challenges in the future. Another what if you don’t make that Mortgage payment you might go into foreclosure , your credit rating could get affected and other necessary things you need now you would be able to get because you didn’t pay the mortgage.

#3 – Us Vs. Them –  One of the biggest challenges is life is that most people will not take personal responsibility for in this example being fat. They want to blame the school system for unhealthy food, The fast food industry for them getting fat. They don’t want to understand that they open the door of the fast food place and then open their mouth and now they are fat. So you want to help them feel like it is not their fault that there is an enemy out there against them.But you are going to join with them and defeat this enemy. Example so you were always taught that eating the little Hamburger and fries was okay for a quick lunch but then you found how it was loaded with fat.Well, I am going to show you a way how to lose that Belly fat with some real simple delicious food and help create a habit of eating better even if you have to eat out. Our program will show you the secrets and tips on how to get rid of that belly fat once and for all.

#4- Your Credibility – Tell your story…People trust people who have gone through the same thing as them and defeated the evil demon. Why do you think AA works because people are sharing their stories and if they can get sober so can you? On TV when you see a fat loss commercial who do you believe ? The actor or actress who went through the struggle instead of some good looking person who tell you hey you can do it. Hey, I will give you my story I was struggling big time no pun intended but I had this big fat belly and then I started using this amazing natural 3 step process and I lost 4 1/2 inches off my Belly in 30 Days  People want to hear why they should follow you.
Maybe share how you have been studying Social Media like I am. And how I spent 5 hours just yesterday studying How to get leads on Twitter. I was amazed on what i learned and have missed all this time.

Rear View Mirror#5- Time is now – This is important… If they don’t take action now you will forget where you saw this ad and still be struggling with your Fat problem unless you take action now. How many times have you seen an ad or information and didn’t take action at the point? Let me give you one of my biggest mistakes I was looking at Social media for many years and tried some different things looking for the free short cuts. I looked at one group of sharp young entrepreneurs in around 2008/2009 and just looked and move on to the next ad.  Then I came across a Social Media Panel and they talked about putting 300-400 people into their primary business but didn’t explain how. Then I investigated and found this group again now 8 years later and found out they have produced some of the top leaders in Social Media. I wanted to kick myself in the butt for wasting all that time. Thank God I didn’t do the same dumb thing again. This time, I joined them and in fact, I learned this information from them. If you want more information about the you can see this 19 min video which will blow your mind 


#6 – Answer their Objections – They have to Believe that the problem can be fixed and you can help them. Remember they might say I eat fruits and Vegetables but what they don’t understand is some fruits and veggies are high in Sugars. So show some of them off a low glycemic list. Talk about a bunch of their objections But you say how can I find some of them ? Wwell I learned some tips on how to find some by doing some things in Google planner.So go and search things that people in that audience have and talk about 5-6 things besides Belly fat.Because they are thinking of them and saying to themselves, wow this guy/gal really understands. You want him/Her agreeing with you as you speak about this in your video, or Presentation,webinar etc.

#7 – THE Call To Action( CTA) – If you don’t have a Call to action so people can act on it right away they will just move on. They will go in this case eat another big fat hamburger and a year from now they are looking or trying someone else’s products . You got to have CTA in your Webinar, Presentations etc. You saw 2 of them in this article alone. Did you notice them in this Blog Post? If you want to Lose FAT off your BELLY IN 30 Days or you really want to learn the Secrets of Social Media in a 19 Min Video which will blow your mind were just 2 examples of a CTA but very important to have them in your stuff. So you need to tell people to buy or share your stuff. So if you want to lose fat click it on or if you really want to learn all these secrets from the experts click on the 19 min Video  So make sure you haev the CTA’s.


So I hope you got some great value and ideas from this Post 7 Pillars of Social Media Marketing .
I know when I learned this from that group.
I was blown away on how I was missing so many things on my online training and Opportunity Presentaions


So please share this with your teams and make great use of these tips in your business….

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