5 Tips to be a Successful Entrepreneur 

Today I want to share with you 5 Tips to be a successful entrepreneur so you can have a Mindset of a Business Owner. It doesn’t matter if you are a Pizza Store, a Professional Network Marketer or a work from Home Mom. Your Mindset is your success so why not start right now…

university-s-library-4-1492716Tip #1 – Become A Student… Never Stop Learning

Become a lifetime learning Student.. Learn to invest in yourself.. I see so many people say I have to go to School and get a good education to get a good job and they don’t mind getting into debt doing it.
“Amazing” but then when they get into business they don’t Invest in their learning how to be a better business owner.
Folks It is an ongoing process to better yourself and your business for great success.

I spend at Least 20 Minutes a day in a self Help book why so I can relate to people better. When I first started in the Restaurant Business I wasn’t a people person.. Then Later I Joined a Direct Selling Company and a Smart Leader and a Good Friend Said to me “Mike do you really want to retire in your 40’s well you better start to read books because you have a bad attitude..WOW I could of really gotten mad..
You don’t need to sit and read a book a day. She took a book and went to the last page and we divided by 30.. it came out to 7 pages…  She said,” would you read 7 pages a day to retire when you are in your 40’s”. I answered YES. You see she found my DREAM, my Pain, my Goal and then told me I needed to read so there was no conflict. If she left my dream out of her approach I might resisted and then got mad.. Thank God for that suggestion.

I retired from Full time work at 42 and never stopped invested in me… Books Like Think and Grow Rich, Go Pro for those in Network Marketing will change your World. The Magic of Thinking Big to help you stop procrastinating. Positive CD’s like Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins site ..you can find great stuff on Youtube and CD’s from your Company Leaders or Podcasts.

A Big area just emerged for all Business Owners and that is Video Marketing… This is a short video I made using the proper 4 things you need in every Video. You can read my Blog on the 4 Steps Here

I wanted to become better at Video Marketing so I looked for someone who was an expert in the Industry and Wow I found a unbelievable guy and there are 3 Free Videos to get you started check it out… Click Here 

So Don’t Stop Investing in your learning

StructureTip #2 – Structure – Have a Daily Method Of Operation

It is very important to have a plan everyday .. Most people have a DMOO (cow Call ) at their job and you do the same thing everyday. Check in,Get coffee, go to lunch, check out, and  go home 5 days a weeks and 2 weeks off for good behavior. You company designs your Daily Method Of Operation for you.

When we were in the Restaurant business every day we had to do certain things.. First OPEN THE DOOR EVERYDAY .. Is your business open everyday or are you just playing around.
In Network Marketing people look for excuses not solutions.. Hey if you can only work your Home Based Business 2 days a week give it a 100% for those 2 days. Make a plan and stick to it. If you own a traditional business also have a plan. One key advice for Traditional Business/Retail make your employess part of your listen too plan. I always got great ideas how to do things better for the customers from employees then just watching they are interacting with them.

No matter Traditional, Home Based ,Service treat your customers like they are royalty and you will get a big pay back… learn to ask questions from your customers instead of pushing your product.. Ask your customers to join a newsletter that is where you can educate and share knew products and services. If I was back in the Restaurant business I would have a newsletter and tell them about Specials and events .. Most owners don’t think of these things but I have learned a lot from a group of Marketers. Comment me for their link and Information

But get a Daily Method of Operation and stick too it.

dedicatedTip #3 – Commitment – Just answer this Question right now Will you be here 1 Year from now ????

So many people try to start a business but never commit to some of the things I shared already. I use to ask people all the time,” if I gave you the keys to a McDonald’s would you show everyday Rain,Shine,Sleet or Snow”. Most said well maybe or no that is why they are happy with the Job’s Daily Method of Operation. They don’t have to do anything but show up and do the same crap everyday.
In Home Based Businesses or Traditional junk happens all the time and you just shake it off and move forward.
You show up when it snows or rains.
You have to decide what is your commitment to your Dream and what will you do when the going get’s tough. Just Don’t QUIT.. I could spend an hour just on commitment but you have to decide Will I BE Here a Year from Now.. Because if you do and you invest in yourself you will be a different person in a Year.
In The Book The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson he said if you only improve on yourself just .003 each day here what would happen in the next 5 years

  1.  The first Year you would improve 100%
  2. The Second Year 200 %
  3. The third Year 400 %
  4. The Fourth 800$
  5. and The Fifth 1600%

What would your life look like in One year ..So Will you commitment to Your Dream and Invest in your Dream for that first crucial Year ?

Self ImageTips #4 – Self Image  —— You Are A Winner and Don’t let anyone Steal that from you

Be aware of emotions tied to rejection. Walk around with your Head high and Feel Great about you your dream and where you are going.You already won the trophy hold it up.
Be aware the people closest to you will sometime try to steal your dream.. Remember most people have been babied all their life so they want to look out for you and give you advice.

Most people are afraid to Step of of Their Comfort Zone and they don’t want you leaving their comfort zone either.

They will say things like:

  • What Make you think you can succeed in that business
  • I never heard of anyone do good in that business
  • There are too many Restaurants there already
  • You have a family to attend too
  • You don’t have time and on and on and on.

So you got to really start reading and investing QUICK to get that Positive Self Talk.. You got to look in the Mirror everyday and Say I am A winner. I will succeed. If it is to be it’s up to Me.

Don’t Compare yourself to others… Your Dreams are not their Dreams if they have any to begin with.

Here is another killer don’t strive for perfection but strive for Greatness.. You will never be perfect but you can give and be the best you can be.

Don’t beat yourself up when you make a mistake.. Pick yourself up dust yourself off and admit you made a mistake and move on.. All winners make mistakes. Anyonew who knows me knows I always use the analogy of the Rear view mirror. The windshield is big just look in the small mirror to check that you don’t make the same bad mistakes and look out the windshield and move forward it’s bigger and there are more things in front of you.

Focus on the things you can change and do the things you enjoy.. Have fun and talk to a lot of people in your life.

You are the productTip #5 – You Are The Product 

People buy you not your product. They want to do business with people they Know Like and Trust

Get to know your product but when you are with your customers Listen.. A Waiter should ask a person so what were you thinking about eating before you saw the menu. The recommend what they might like. Same if you are in Health products find out what they are looking for and make the suggestions. If someone is overweight send him info on your system. I say to people in the gym when they say I have been trying to lose weight I say hey i found a solution and I loss 4 1/2 inches of Belly Fat send them to a site for them to review.

Don’t promote your company promote you as the expert who have a solution for their problem and needs..

I am going to do a whole training on that at a later time.


stock-illustration-50034058-team-work-for-successBonus Tip — Make sure to Reward yourself on your little goals you achieve.

I Decided to Change my DMOO for the summer months I am getting up earlier.. Example Today I went to the gym, came home did an online meeting in China because we are opening there, then write this blog and made a quick video so I am going to reward myself and go play Golf… After that go do a walk and follow up with people tonight..

So don’t Forget Reward yourself.





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