These 5 Success Secrets for Social Media are so Important for anyone who want to get started and succeed in Social Media. If you are in the Network Marketing Industry you are all looking for new Clients,Prospects, Recruits and attracting Leaders to our business. If you are in a Traditional Retail Business, A Professional such as a Doctor ,Chiropractor, Dentist ,Lawyer , Real Estate for sure you need to Master Social Media to help you stand out in the crowd to get new clients. So let’s get you an understanding of how and why you need to start with these 5 Success Secrets for Social Media.

Question (1)Secret #1 – Pick 1 Social Media Strategy – This is the most important thing that you need to identify as soon as possible. Are you going to do video’s like Facebook Live or connect with people on FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, or any other means of Social Media? If you are new you are probably already using Facebook so maybe that is you starting point. But please don’t get scared now and say I can’t do this you can and I am going to help you.



dedicatedSecret #2 – Master It –  This is where you will be spending your time becoming a student again. I will show you how to develop a Daily Method Of Operation (DMOO ) of learning by doing a little bit each day. How, easy turn your TV off , DVR your programs or get up a little earlier in the morning and learn something new every day about the strategy you picked until you Master it.



moving-forwards-1-1141729Secret #3 – Get Results – Social Media is not an overnight success but it is the future and you need to Master it and get results. Now I know there are people here that will say it too much work but success is work. Do you think that a golfer just woke up one Morning and hit the ball 250 yards, or a Black belt in karate master her art in a week, no it takes time but it is worth it. I work with a group of successful marketers who and we will help you get the results you are looking for in any business if you are serious and like having fun along the way.


once-upon-a-time-text-design-on-chalkboardSecret #4 – Share the Results – I remember when a friend of mine asked me to help him build a Bar/Restaurant in Queens New York and he described a vision and I thought he was nuts. I was nuts too because I wasn’t going to get paid to help him either.Imagine being in a big empty messing looking store and he was showing me where the bar would be, showed me some old pieces of cabinets saying this will be the backbar,the brickwork that we will process to give a rustic look,floors that look like crap but will be changed to wood flooring and on and on and I was getting concerned he drunk already . But by doing a little every day we sat at the new bar and saw the results and lifted a shot of Grand Marnier (hey it was the 80’s) and said wow job well done.  I can see the exact moment now and a tear is coming to my eye because my life was changed because we didn’t give up on a dream and we got the results. That will be the same feeling you will get when you lift your shot glass to your success.


stock-illustration-50034058-team-work-for-successSecret #5 – Teach Others How to Have Success – Now if you are in any Network Marketing company you will want to get some of your key leaders and develop a team of Social Media Experts for your company. I am from New York, so I am going to be very honest and little straightforward with you. Stop living in the past  you need to start learning this now not next week NOW. Let me explain why this is important. I have been watching many events in the Network Marketing Industry where they had Social Media panels and people were putting hundreds of people into their Direct marketing companies but they never  explained how. Well, being a good Former NYPD Detective I found out that most of them all came from a group of serious people who teach you everything from A to Z and beyond.
I have totally blown away that everybody in this Industry is not part of what I am going to share with you. I actually flew to  Austin Texas for a Mastermind training and WOW you will love what I am going to be sharing with you in later posts.
Now if you are in any other business you will want to learn the tricks and tips on how to increase your business. I was in the restaurant business and I am just amazed on how you could leverage your time with Social Media and explode your business. Whether you have a restaurant, A bar, sell more home, have a bigger Professional business, Doctors, Chiropractors, Acupuncture even Nail Salons. Doesn’t matter it works.

Year From Now

So how can you join our Social Media Expert group well Click Here and take a test run? You will learn how to use these 5 Success Secrets For Social Media in depth and beyond.



These  5 Success Secrets For Social Media will change your life forever. Don’t keep doing the same thing over and over again and failing

PS….. Here is a Free gift of one of the trainings on how to do FaceBook Live .


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