These are 5 Steps to Succeed in the New Network Marketing ERA for the 21st Century. I have been in this Industry for over 30 years and I have seen many changes. But this time the changes are not only affecting the associates but the companies themselves. At the last DSA meeting, there was much encouragement for the CEO’s to understand there is a whole new era of business coming and they better get on board or be left behind. 

Well, I am here to share with you the news you better get on Board or you will be left behind with what I am about to share with you.


Are you READY ???? Yes, Social Media the future and the NEW ERA of Network Marketing. We all know Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest ,
Linkedin,YouTube, and this crazy thing SnapChat they have been changing the whole Social aspect of our lives for the past few years. 

But there is good and bad news.



First, the Bad News the Entrepreneurs in Network Marketing have jumped on board right away and some all they have done is spam the Social Media Platforms.They are giving another annoying thing for people to say negatively about our Industry.

Second,the good news is back in 2008 there were 3 sharp young guys who  came together with an idea to create a Social Media system. The goal was to help all the people in Network Marketing to learn how to use Social Media for any business and become Professional Social Media experts. 

Third, More bad news I looked at them back when they first started and there were so many gurus on the internet pitching this that and the other thing. I like a jerk went back to the old school way of doing things.

Fourth, More Good news in 2015 I was watching one of the Network Marketing Pro events with Eric Worre who I hope you all have his book “GO PRO”. Now I want to caution you at this point before I go into this NEW ERA strategy don’t forget this is an added strategy to help you connect to more people faster. But you should still be using the proven methods from Your Upline and what is stated in Go Pro on how to connect with people in Person. So Check with your Upline…
Now back to my point… At this event, he had a Social Media Panel and they were all talking about putting Hundred’s of people into their business using Social Media.But they weren’t saying the how they did it…

Well, that pissed me off but being a Retired NYPD Detective I went on a Mission to find out where and what were they doing. I found one young lady and I joined her system and started to learn things about Blogs, Facebook etc. But then I spoke with my Upline Mentor and he said Mike Do you remember that group we looked at back in 2008 ? I said Oh No don’t tell me… He said yep most of them came from there and he said I just joined them again. I immediately said send me the link


There are 5 Things that all six Figure earners are doing in Social Media which this video will explain in Detail now or at the end of this article but I will give you a snapshot of them now. Plus I can meet you online and I will give you a tour of the Back office 


# 1 – You Brand Yourself – Not your company But Brand You… Period






#2- Get Traffic to You by Giving Value and attract leads to your business and Brand





#3 – Follow up like a Pro with a Customer Relationship Manager ( CRM ) 
We in the Industry have always heard the money is in the follow-up but wait until you see the new 21st-century follow-up machine






#4 – Sell Products – All leaders sell products. Books,Tapes, Functions etc. for additional income streams along with the Companies products which they get paid for in the compensation program.

Well in this new era of Marketing you can sell your training after you learn the basics and then put out so of your own products for the world to learn from you.




#5-Host Webinars – Some do webinars once a week, a month and even some do it several times a week. The New Era of Network Marketing will be more of these type of opportunity meetings than Hotel meetings . people want to watch from their phone, iPads/Tablets or Computers/laptops. Hey I am doing webinars all the time for our opportunity opening in China now.



Now the question is ?

Do you come and learn the 5 Steps to Succeed in the New Network Marketing Era
or do you stay stuck in the old 20th Century Thinking?

If You are ready to change your life.
Fill in your information below and watch a 19 Minute video just like I did which has changed my life. 

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