5 Question to Ask Yourself to Attract People to your business. If you are going to attract people to your business or product you got to start with you.

Attraction Marketing has people running scared because maybe they are new to Social Media, Business esp. people in the Network Marketing Industry.

When I first started blogging I said, me?Why will people listen to me? I am not at the top of my compensation plan what will people think. I am only getting started  I don’t know everything about my products or services.

But the good news is Don’t be scared, I listened to a cool guy Brian Finale go over these questions recently and I am going to share them with you in the Network Marketing arena.

So why should I start a Blog? You need to period… You don’t need to Brand your company you need to brand you.

Now I am going to go over these 5 questions which I will relate to what I am doing for the past 25 years and that is Network Marketing. Previous I was an NYPD Detective and a Bar owner which these questions could have applied to me too. So if you are a traditional Business owner just follow and it will POP for you too.

So take out a pen and paper now and let’s get you started on your new Path of success….

Ego 150Question #1 – Who are You? This is most important for you to ID yourself to you.What do you like? Think for a moment write down a few things.
When I did this I wrote things like I love teaching people to make easier ways to make a living, I love being in the Network Marketing Industry,
I love being around all types of people, I love helping people…  So write your things down but do it now.



Neg 150Question #2 – What do you stand For? What is your ground your platform you want to stand on?
I wrote things like Opportunity, Freedom, and Health. One thing that really stood out was Growing old Happy. Why this? Well, when I first started in the industry I was in my 30’s and spoke with a great guy Runzie who was around 60 at that time. He was successful in his own right and didn’t need to be in the industry. I said, Runzie why are you doing this business? He said Mike turn around and look at everyone in the audience. They are all excited about their dreams and going places. My friends are all sitting around complaining about their aches and pains. They are all complaining about family, friends, and coworkers. He said I want to be around these young sharp people who are always going places and not talking about the negative BS. Wow, what a future picture he gave me.

Well, I am 65 now and I have to agree this was the best decision I have ever made because I love sharing opportunity, freedom and being positive to anyone who will listen. I actually have a tear remembering that conversation with Runzie. So what will you stand For?

Family &FriendsQuestion #3 – Who do you Serve? Now, this is important to start to attract your audience. This is where you will start to get the direction to target.. when I wrote mine down I said everyone needs a shot at success, I want to serve those with Dreams in the Network Marketing Industry. Maybe yours is on Health, Travel, Cosmetics, Personal Training, Oils, The restaurant Industry, Yoga etc. Identify the Industry you want to serve….




moving-forwards-4-1141712Question #4 – What are the Biggest Challenges they Face?
So What is their Mindset, The challenges they might face in your industry? I started thinking about the value of my products such as synthetics seeing I am in the Health Industry, excess fat, the value of All Natural. What makes you different and how to get people started correctly in their business opportunity.


#1- What Do You Want - #2- When Do You Want It -#3- What Are You Willing To give up To get it-Question #5 – What Do You Like To Talk About? 
What is your Passion, Mindset what makes you happy talking with other people about… I love talking about Health and Wellness and the Industry. So what are the things you like to talk about and can start conversations in the Social Media world?

So if you are just getting started or looking over the past year these 5 questions could help you change your upcoming year in a positive way.



If you found this helpful the 5 Question to Ask Yourself to Attract People then share it so others might find the value for their business. I know I did…





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