These 5 Nevers in Your Network Marketing Business are crucial to your long-term success for you and your team.

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Ego 1501.Never  mess with anyone’s Ego – A Lot of us came into this Industry with huge Ego’s . When I came into the Industry I was an NYPD Detective
and also involved in the restaurant industry so my Ego was a little elevated at those places. But I knew how to refrain from being pushing in this new Industry.
But I shared a story in another blog post  about  a upline who almost blew me out right away.
I am not going to really expand on it but leave your ego at the door and as a leader don’t push a person with a big ego either.
In Fact treat, everyone like you want to be treated.



2.Never mess with anyone’s Money –
I remember one of the biggest leaders in this industry always said,’if it comes down to a quarter give it to them.
Don’t always be trying to get something for free. Success is not free you need to invest in your business. When I first started we invested in Cassettes, Books ,
Weekly meetings, and training functions but there was always people looking for free stuff. I couldn’t start to share how much money I gave away in materials
to other business builders. In building Internationally that was another area where people need to spend their own money.
Now in this New Era of Network Marketing Social Media is something we all need to invest into for your success in this new world…


Mess 150
3.Never mess with anyone’s Spouse – 
This is a Major issue… This is a family business Industry, not a Bar. When I sit with a Husband and wife I always share
that when either one of them is out with me sharing the opportunity that is all we are doing. I remember one guy in my business was a little snakey so  I did a training
not to center on him. I explained that if a wife would ever call and ask for her Husband don’t expect me to say you are with me. If a woman is at a meeting it is our responsibility to make sure she gets to her car safely and that nobody is trying to bother her. Enough said just don’t come around to pick up girls or guys.



4.Never do something for the First Time without Checking Upline – 
This is very important… The main thing is not that you have to check like you are doing something wrong. The main reason is that your upline wants to save you time and money. I remember I got pissed at some of my friends and I went and spent like 20 bucks on business cards back in the 1980’s ( we didn’t have vista print ). I put on the card It’s Choice to be Broke… Well, they used my card one day at a training on what not to do and I threw them all away.


Neg 1505.Never, Never, Never pass negativity Downline or Crossline – This is another important point why because you could be affecting another person’s business. I was always taught by my sponsor to pass negative upline and positive downline. Your downline doesn’t need to hear all the negative things happening in your business. You need to bring this upline so they can help you analyze it with you to see where you are off track.
Another issue is that negative person who shows up at every meeting with some negative thing to always share. I learned a long time ago the 3 best words for them
“Oh Excuse me”. Learn this so you can get away from them fast.. You see they don’t really know they are hurting ot
her people’s businesses with their comments.
The worst is when the negative people quit this industry they go around saying it doesn’t work. Well here is what I always do when I meet a person who was in the Industry and is bad mouthing the business. I asked them Wow it sounds like you had a bad experience and I let them share. I am trying to find out what really happened maybe a bad business, bad partners whatever just ask and listen.
Before I use to say can I ask you a few questions. Did you use the products,Oh Sometimes, Did you read books, Nah how about training classes, well do me a favor and don’t ever say you were in the business you just signed up.  It’s like a person who joins the gym and didn’t show up and still is unfit.

So write these 5 Nevers in Your Network Marketing Business down and
be aware of them as you build your business and
share it with your teams

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