These 5  Mindset tips for Leaders in Network Marketing is to inspire your teams through their everyday actions and words.

58204-Leaderquotesattitudequotes#1 – We are in the Fear Management Business
Fear and Insecurity festers in our business unless you are helping people believe in themselves by walking the walk.

  • —You know your Company is Great,
  • —The Products are Great,
  • —Your Upline is Great
  • —You are great which is the most important

Self Image#2 – Programming
Do you know that we have around 60 to 70,000 thoughts a day and 90% are from the day before? I learned this at an event that a Dr. Joe Dispenza shared his incites on how the brain work. You see that is how those habits are formed that we have either good or bad.
You see we get programmed from stuff we are learning at school,friends, co-workers,husbands, wives, and they are keeping us trapped in our comfort zone. This is why we need to step out and stretch our minds.You know the phase Use it Or Lose it. Well, Dr. Joe also said if you don’t apply what you learn today you begin to lose it right away.
so this is why it is so important to get around the right people, Books, Cd’s ,weekly training online/offline and events.
If You keep doing the same old things you will stay stuck in your very own comfort zone.

2016-04-22_0919#3 – Good leaders VS Great Leaders 

Good leaders deliberately seek out and find potential leaders.

Great leaders not only find them but also equip them to be great leaders.

They create a vision for their leaders based on their WHY “DREAM” and understand how to effect their emotional side and not the Logic side. Then they create a Passion for the whole team to Rally Around. Example if your company has an incentive trip talk  about the team toasting each other on the Beach.


eagle-1310607#4 – Leaders have a strong character
They are not controlled or swayed by what is the easy way out or what is popular on other teams.
This is very important ALWAYS do the right thing for everyone on your team with them in mind first.
Be very careful how you treat your members on your team and also other teams because we have their future in our hands.



2016-04-20_2128#5 – They Pass Leadership On
Don’t hang on to Leadership pass it on to the people who deserve it.The sooner you can have a group of leaders teaching on your team the bigger and better the whole team benefits from this Leadership quality. Also, praise people for the littlest things they do such as getting their first sign up, customer or even making their first FaceBook Live. Wow, what did you say FaceBook Live? Yes, we are in the new Era of Network Marketing  Yes we are in a new phase of network marketing with Social Media. There are some Major things you need to consider if you are still doing things the old way… Read my post about the New Era Of Network Marketing


These 5 Mindset Tips For Leaders in Network Marketing are evolving and we all need to change with time.

We need to leave our ego’s at the door and understand it is not about you and me it is about the success of our team members who we promised to help and succeed. So let’s go and change the world.

I hope this information has helped and please share it with your teams…
Sometimes it’s better to hear things from other’s then to keep pushing on people.



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