The 5 Dream Types to Attract or Avoid which can either bring you happiness or grief. It is so important to understand that there are going to be some obstacles (people) that are going to try to steal your Dreams and you need to be aware of them.

  • Dream Makers
  • Dream Bakers
  • Dream Thinkers
  • Dream Undertakers
  • Dream Takers

I am going to start with the Dream Bakers why because I was always taught save the best for last. So let’s start and look at each one a little closer

Picture2Dream Baker – People who start something and then they Change their Dream.They are always cooking up some idea.Now it’s not wrong
to see things and have a new vision and move forward and succeed.
But the Dream Baker who every day has a new Dream but never leave it in the oven long enough to let it rise.
But they never seem to get off the couch and make anything happen.



Picture1Dream Thinkers – They think and talk about DREAMS and then Don’t Act on them... They never seem to get off the couch and make anything happen. All talk and no action. If you ever hung out in a bar you know the guy or lady who sits there Oh I am going to do this and that but never seems to get off the stool except to go to the bathroom. The shame of it is sometimes they have some great ideas but the graveyards are filled with ideas. Now that brings us to the next character the undertakers



Picture6Dream Undertakers – People who Buried their DREAMS and use EXCUSES WHY that Dream can’t work. Ever run into those people? I am too shy to do that or I am too busy . Too busy they really piss me off. Too busy doing what, watching the BooB Tube. When I was growing up that was the name for the TV.You know what the name Boob tube fits them to a tee because so many people use the excuse they have no time because they are addicted to the negative world of TV. I use to work with a guy who knew every time and show on TV. He was a walking TV Guide for those who remember the TV guide. I remember one time we were eating in a Polish Restuarant in NYC and he was telling us all the shows, times and dates. I said you are filled with a lot of Useless information . The sad part a guy at the next table was listening and he said that me too.. It was like a Badge of honor and they could unite against me calling them a wealth of useless information.
If they would take that time and invest it in their dream and future instead of channel 2,4,5,7 and those 300 other stations they could help change the world.

stock-photo-27655939-basket-of-live-bluepoint-crabsDream Takers – These, in my opinion, are the worst they Steal Dreams from People “if I can’t have it, neither can you.“ One thing If you let People Steal Your Dream you never had a real Dream anyway. You had a thought like the Dream Thinker. But there are people out there who will try to steal your dream as you attempt to move forward. Now as you attempt to start your Dream sometimes it is the closest people to you that will try to stop you. Your Family,Friends,co-workers and even your husband and wife turn on each other. They say I am only thinking about what is best for you. Ah,Baloney if that was really true you would be encouraging me to go for it. So many people were saying they didn’t think it was a good idea and we would fail. But then there are people that will encourage you and in my case, I was lucky my Mom and Dad Believed.
I remember when I wanted to buy my first Bar I asked my Father for a loan and at that time my mother was lying in a bed dying and he said go and ask your Mother because he wanted her to be part of my Dream. As usual, she said ,”go for it “.

You probably all know the Crab in the bucket story. Put one crab in the bucket with the lid off and he can get out but put another crab in there and they will fight like crazy not to let the other out. Well, the same will sometimes happen when you say I am going to start a business and all the crab come out. That happened to me when I decided to start a Home Based Business and my partners in my Bar said I was crazy and it doesn’t work and this is going to happen. Then a few years later I found out the real story and I wanted to punch his lights out. thank God I didn’t listen because I was able to retire just before I turned 42 back in 1993.

Always remember it is your dream and your sweat that will make it work. Now for the Best Dream.

Picture4Dream Makers – People who Dream and Do Whatever it Takes  I hope That’s YOU. I hope you are not one of those who sitting there now saying this is garbage. The Dream Makers know that it is Outside the Box where all the fun is happening not in front of the TV. Hey, they know technology now has DVR’s and they can watch something later .

I am so proud of all of you who are out there chasing your dream and making things happen. I love the Direct Sales model because it is truly a model for Dream Makers because you help other first before you succeed. Watching the faces of people on your teams that are excited and taking action is so cool. I helped a good friend of mine build a huge team in Asia and when they come to the USA and we meet and hug and their faces are lite up it makes me know it was all worth it.

I remember I helped a friend of mine build a Bar/Restaurant and worked with him for a year for free but he said you will be the MGR and eventually an owner but the laughs and the Cocktail the day it opened was all worth it. You see the struggle and the venture of building something is really cool. I am telling you this it is so much fun building something for yourself and not for your BOSS.

In my business opportunity I love seeing people who are finally seeing the Dream they had hidden inside of them and now they can express them to themselves and their family.

Don't Let Your DreamsBe DreamsIf you are any one of the other please for your sake don’t take other people’s Dreams to the grave and

more important don’t bring your Dream to the grave.

Please if share this with your friends they might find some value which can help change their Mindset and possibly help them to chase their Dream.


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