4 Steps To Tell A Story

4 Steps To Tell A Story is the most important part of any presentation.. It doesn’t matter if you are a Network Marketing Professional or any Business owner but we all have a story to tell. It is your story when you talk to potential prospects/customers that attracts them to your business or opportunity…

The 4 steps to tell a story are simple:

  1. Your Background
  2. What You Didn’t Like About It
  3. Found a Solution
  4. How you feel about the future

This story should be told in a quick less than 1-2minutes so let’s take a look at each one and see the thoughts behind these four steps to tell the story.

So now let’s examine these 4 steps to tell a story quick but with a passion. One of them is more important than the other 3… Think about this for a minute..  I will give you the answer in the explanation..

1.Your Background
What do you do for a living ??? In My case I would say.. Back when I was 33 years old I was a Detective in NYC and was excited about my career and also was involved in the Restaurant Industry BUT

2.What you didn’t like about it
So you know this is the most important one of the 4. Did you pick that out before when I asked you the question ? Why this is where people will start to relate to your Pain. Now I know some of you love your JOB and that’s great but would you do it for free.. You see I loved being a Detective and I loved being an owner BUT I was working 14-16 hours a day, 7 days a week and I didn’t see any out even when I could retired from the Police Department But

3.Found a Solution
This is where you bring it to your Business Opportunity or Product (I will give you an examples at the bottom for Product.) But then a good friend of mine introduced me to a young guy who was 25 and retired from full time work at 21 years of age. I told him whatever you are doing as long as it is honest and Legal I am in. AND

4.How you feel about the Future
Now share how you feel about where you are heading… From that day on I finally saw light at the end of the tunnel where I could get my life back and enjoy life to the fullest.I was able to retired from full time work at the age of 42 and have more time to do the things I love like golf, the gym ,traveling and still help people. It was the Best decision I ever made in my life outside of my career..

I retired about 20 years ago and wasn’t very active and I started gaining weight and like most people i did every fad diet out there.But then I found a company that really for the first time targeted fat because it is not about how much weight i needed to lose but rather how much fat i would lose which is the hardest and most damaging to my health. Now I can finally see myself getting rid of this belly fat and having a better life. I am so glad I found this company and their all natural products and science.

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See you can do this for any business model.. Just get your story written down and share it everyday…

I hope this made sense please leave a comment or share it with your friends….



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I am a Retired NYPD Detective,Business Owner and now a Social Entrepreneur... I love to Empower people to bring out their hidden Dreams and help them to go forward in life and accomplish them. I love Coaching people about better health solutions,Time Freedom and becoming part of a great Mission to Help kids who are dying of Malnutrition. Turn off the TV a few hours a week and get started. Let's have a conversation and see what your Hidden Dreams are and let's have fun finding the solution. God Bless Michael Geddes AKA NewYorkMIke

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