Are these 4 negative thoughts holding you back ? They are probably linked to negative thinking about you and other’s.


Rear View Mirror
#1 Negative Thought – 
When any opportunities are presented to you immediately you turn to the past . I have always taught people for the last 30 years that the rear view mirror are small for a reason. They are on your car to just check behind you fast but to always look through the BIG WINDSHIELD to your Destiny.
Don’t ever let the things from your past hold you back from moving forward. Learn from them and make your mistakes your biggest friend.

Your past should only define your future with learning from your mistakes in the past and don’t duplicate them in the future. Being Defeated is a temporary condition; Giving up on your Dream is the biggest mistake anyone can do.


Family &Friends#2 Negative Thought – I CARE WHAT THEY THINK OF ME

Whenever you try to step outside the box sometimes your closest family and friends will attempt to bring you down.
You probably heard the Crab in the Bucket analogy. One crap in the bucket with the lid off can get out but put another one in there and they will keep pulling you back down to keep you in the bucket. Sometime they will even get so mean they will rip the other’s claw off.
You see they will tell you,” Oh I am only try to help you.”.. I just want to give you my opinion   (no Facts just their opinion ) My friends and family offered me their opinions many times and thanks God I didn’t listen to them or I would of never retired at 42 years old.
One of my friends told me his opinion and then 3 years later his mother told him why didn’t you join that business with Mike. He said I am not going Door to Door selling stuff. His mother said “where did you get that from” ? He said oh when Aunt so and so comes over she always brings you that stuff. My eyes were opening so wide listening to this stupidity. Then his Mother said she brings it from another State where she lives because I love the product you nut. ( that was way before online shopping). You see he almost stole my dream with a stupid opinion and not the facts. OMG I wanted to punch him….. Once again dont consider or listen to Opinions unless they have some facts.

Ignore the rude people who talk about you behind your back, remember they are behind you and keep them there. When I was a Detective they use to do that all the time but then they said why you must of been one of the lucky one.. Oh I knew you could do it.. But before that they laughed, talk about me etc. Who cares I kept my Dream out in front of me…

True strength is being wise enough to walk away from the nonsense and negative proudly and know it is your Dream not their Dream. They probably dont have any Dreams just a job mentality..


So understand this I believe in you and your Dreams and so do millions of other Entrepreneurs go conquer the world. Lets that Lion inside of you roar and tell the world about your Dreams and Desires.



Today#3 Negative Thought – I CAN’T..  IT’S TOO LATE or I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH

It is never too late . Do you know one of the biggest groups of people becoming Entrepreneurs are the Baby Boomers. They want to have extra income so they can play golf, Vacation more, do the fun things that they missed when they were younger. But if you are young start now and dont wait… I remember when this sharp young lady introduced me to this Industry and I met this one guy. He was 25 at the time and retired from Full time work at 21. I said listen if what you are doing is Honest and Legal I am in… Age has no bearing on success whether you are young or old.. You know the founder of KFC became successful in his later life not when he was young.

It is never too late to start a buisness, Workout, Play Golf whatever you want you can do. Just get started. As Richard Branson the Billionaire says,” Screw it just do it

Our Attitude shifts our sails and ultimately determines not only our destination but more importantly the voyage and  experiences along the way. So go have fun……


once-upon-a-time-text-design-on-chalkboard#4 Negative Thought – I DON’T HAVE TIME TO DREAM

Remember when you were a kid and you heard those stories Once Upon a time.. But then you get taught Go to School ,get a Good Education and Get a Good Job. Well listen that might sound like good advice but when I was 8 years old I worked in a grocery store and the owner said something that changed my life forever. He said go to school ,get a good education but if you want to become successful own your own business. So every time I wanted something I would go out and make my own money like for ice cream.. But I had a dream to become a Police Detective and targeted my life towards that goal but started businesses while working.. In fact I started a business when i was 30 but it required a lot of time and I didn’t see any out if i stayed in the Restaurant business. But when I was 33 that sharp lady introduced me to this Industry where I could have my Dream of not having to wait until I was 65 to retire.

It is so important to have Dreams and be around positive Dreamers and not the one in the Crab Buckets. Let’s do a quick exercise …Sit back for a minute and just think if Time and Money were not a problem what would you be doing right now. Go Ahead do it now for one minute……..

Didn’t that feel good…..

Now let me show you a great time to Dream as soon as you wake up in the morning . Before you jump out of bed lay back for a few minutes and  think about your Dream.. See yourself going across the stage receiving an award , or picking up that new car, opening the door to your Dream home or business.

Remember what Napoleon Hill says ,”What the mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve”.  You can do it…………

The real tragedy in life lies in having no dream to reach…. You don’t have to see the whole staircase; You just have to take one step at a time towards your dreams…


So Read Positive Books

Listen to CD’s from Motivational Speakers

And get around your positive people

Come back to my Blog and get connect with me on FaceBook

Don’t Let these 4 Negative Thoughts Holding You Back anymore

Solutions to all of these challenges is accepting you are a Great person who can affect the lives of many people including your family friends and the person you reach out to tomorrow and share your business opportunity or a kind word.

You are all great people and I am proud of you..




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