Today I would like to address the 3 reasons why People are on Facebook according to one of the top marketers on FaceBook. I had the privilege to get some training in a group that I am getting Mentored from about Social Media and Marketing and this top guy just came on board to teach in the group WOW. If you would like to learn more about this group just leave me a message in the comments and I will send you a private message. Remember whatever you do in business you need to Invest,Learn and Teach in that order to be successful in Marketing and Business. So if you are going to use FaceBook for Marketing you need to Understand first why people come to Facebook.

So Let’s get to the 3 Reasons why People are on FaceBook. They want to CONNECT, SHARE and be ENTERTAINED

#1 – CONNElinked-hands-1308777CT : People come to FaceBook to connect with their Friends or people with Common Interest. A lot of people want to re-connect with old friends from early school age to old College friends. People’s nature is to see how other’s are doing. Now that could be good or bad depending on your Attitude. If you are only looking to see if others have failed in life so you feel better about yourself then that is a BAD Self Image. Now if you want to connect with friends and see how things have improved in their lives and catch up than that is Cool. This is where people really begin to enjoy FaceBook. They love sharing old stories,pictures etc……. But let’s be real sometimes a little bad about that bully or arrogant beauty queen brings a smile to our faces too,.
Facebook also lets you connect with your family/friends who maybe you don’t talk to on a regular basis for whatever reason but you still want to be part of their lives through FaceBook.



share-key-1524927#2 – Share : As people connect they want to share about their lives .. This is always cool esp. family when they are not living near you and they post pictures of the kids Birthday party or the Dog. So sharing is a big part of why we all come to Facebook AGREE….
We all wake up in the morning and say I got to see what so and so shared or what’s happening in that group so I can be the first to share it.. Share Share Share…..
Remember what FaceBook is looking to get from you.. They want to know your likes , your dislikes and your needs so they can bring Targeting Ads to your feed. But what do you want just to share an article,a picture some joke or what I did the other day I posted a picture of some guy attacking girls in our local park. Sharing good experiences is cool but people want to hear the other stuff too.


joker-1431091# 3 – Entertained – People want to be entertained all the time.. This could be for many reasons maybe they had a bad day, lost their job, its raining whatever we all loved to be entertained.. We all loved the class clown except the teaches and deep down they probably loved them too .Maybe because He/She just didn’t care what people thought of them they always seemed to be having fun. Sometimes I embarrass people because i think its cool to get a laugh and don’t care as long as I am not offended anyone directly. Laugh at me all you want. I have to tell you this one… There is a sign outside a Laundromat by my house it’s says ” Drop your Pants Here”. Well Yes you know I will be posting a picture soon it really cracks me up when I walk by and I guess God never has a cool person walk by so I can asked them to take the picture. I have to bring my selfie stick. Now some of you said you jerk some of you said you funny and some are saying I hope you get arrested but it will not be Naked..
But people just come to be entertained.. The dog who sits on your lap, the kids making funny dances, Birthday cakes, Prom pictures, or the class clown we all love to be entertained..

This all plays into how you market on Facebook for business.. I will be sharing that at another time…

Remember these 3 Reasons why People are on FaceBook they want to Connect, Share and be Entertained

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