These 3 Powers in Your Network Marketing Business can help change your whole life. Let’s look at each one and really think about how can you make your venture in Network Marketing more profitable and fun 

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1.The power of Unity:  God Blesses Unity.  Unity + Harmony = Productivity
When we work as a team and cheer each other on we as humans will produce more for the team than ourselves. Sometimes in Network Marketing we want to do it alone and just push people instead of leading people to their dreams. The best way is to work with each other instead of the I”ll do it alone mentality. Here is an example esp. when starting a new group in any new area. You first start out with doing a meeting for your new prospect and you get a small team started. Then someone hears about you doing meetings and they have a small team too and want to work together.But one of the leaders say’s,” Oh no I am not working with anyone outside my team.”… You see this is short-sighted because there is power in numbers and the bigger the group the more power and energy in the room.
The second thing to really think about is the more teachers esp. if they are not on your team can affect your team better. As long as they are in alignment with the same business plan. Our company has adopted a 3 Point plan which we have been teaching and if you are not in agreement with this that would be the reason to not have them plug into your team.But when your team hears a different perspective or teaching they seem to listen more.
I will give you a quick example. Let’s say your team doesn’t understand Edification even thou you have taught it a million times but then a crossline leader comes in and says the same thing and your downline comes to you and say’s wow she/he is a genius. Don’t get mad get excited that is the beauty of working together.

Set your team goals starting with a new person to get to their first level.  Why because if they can duplicate it then they grow and you grow. Let’s say your first level is 1500 points and you help them develop a team of 10-15 people probably 4-5 will want to duplicate it… Now they are at 6000-7500 but it all starts at the lower level.

Set team goals for incentive trips, new products, and monthly goals for the team. 

Picture62. Power of the Spoken Word

Your Words are Your Seeds… You need to  Managing what you are saying to yourself. I would start saying Why am I so Happy Healthy and wealthy. Now you have heard many times to saying positive affirmations to yourself. But what happens when you say I am happy and you are not ? Yep, you don’t believe it. But what if you say Why am I Happy ? Your brain starts saying well I am Happy because ??? Example, You just started your business and you feel scared ,not sure if it will work or will my friends laugh at me… You know the drill… But what is you said Why am I Happy? and the answers came out like I am happy I started my new Business, I am excited and I will succeed. The power of God, the Universe or whatever you believe in will start to bring the right people, the right situations and of course the obstacles so you will learn and get better. Just don’t quit make adjustments and keep moving forward. I would suggest getting into reading Personal Development Books right away don’t wait they changed my life.

Year From Now3. Power of Submission

Now this is a section that most people want to avoid. People think of submission as the bowing down mindset. I am the Boss you do what I say.
In Network Marketing if you are the type of so called leader that say it’s my way or the highway you better head this next statement
Ego Cometh Before the Fall”. More people fail because of their EGO  and their teams quit. Remember we didn’t get into this industry to be told what to do like a job. I almost quit several times because of an upline. 

But you want to work with Leaders who will advise and teach you the system of success. So you want to stay Teachable . Like this following statement say, Stay Green or Ripen & Rot.

So how does the Power of Submission fit in ? Simply be willing to leave your ego at the Door and make an appointment to be mentored by someone. Set up a counseling program time. But here is the secret when you sit down with your mentor put your Business Hat on not your Personal Attack hat on. I remember when I would have meetings in my restaurant we would yell at each other , or even in the NYPD when we were going to hit a location we didn’t agree  when making the initial plan but we came to conclusions that would make us all safe.
Well, your mentor in Network Marketing is trying to set up a safe zone for you when you are building your business so don’t take everything so personal. So when you leave take your business hat off and then go to work.

So Counsel Monthly with Your Active Upline and here is another big tip don’t wait a month to talk get on daily or at least weekly and talk about how things are going.

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