These 3 Key Follow Up Questions in Network Marketing can save you a whole lot of time and money. If you have been in Network Marketing for a least a month you probably have heard Make a List, Make some calls , show your program and Follow-up. As any leader will share with you Follow-up is 75-85% of this process. One thing to really understand the follow-up starts right after you show your Presentation.

Question (1)I always ask people at the end of my Presentation What did you like best The Products, The opportunity or both. In my case we actually feed kids  so I ask them about all three. But when you ask the question remember God Gave you 2 ears and one mouth for a reason so ask the Question and wait for the Answer.

If they say the products interest them, ask which one ? Great, let’s get that ordered for you. If they say the Opportunity say great let’s get you started. You can sign them up right there or make an appointment to sign them up.

You probably were taught to follow up with people within 24-48 hours correct? But then when you got there the lights turned off  and nobody is home ? Now I am going to share with you a Major tip which will make your follow-up meetings a success.

Let’s say you show Bob the plan on Monday evening and you plan to meet with him on Tuesday night or Wednesday. Well, you are within the 24- 48 hour time and you are excited Correct ? But do you know that Bob as soon as he got home he maybe checked the Internet and some jerk maybe wrote some bad experience they had in your company or the Industry? They call it a scam and now they talk to their wife and she says oh no let’s get away from this business. The first mistake was you should have met with the both of them so don’t’ make that mistake again. If they are married show both Husband and wife so they can make an intelligent decision together.

Maybe when they get to work they talk to the water cooler group and they give Bob the great advice of that doesn’t work. But Bob is too afraid to ask what do you know about that company . They just stole another Dream and go back to their 9-5 JOB. The worst part is that they are happy. This happened to me an hour after I saw the Presentation and my best friend gave me his opinion based on a stupid thing I found out 3 years later. Thank God I didn’t listen to him.

Now you go to meet Bob and his wife and it is a no show.

clock-1420472Okay here is the Big Secret are you ready… Call Bob before 12 noon the next morning . Say, Hi Bob, I just wanted to ask you a quick question.
Which product did you like best because I wanted to bring some extra information for you about that product? I really don’t care which product.
I really want to find out if he found or got any negative so I can diffuse it ahead of time.If Bob just says I like the product so and so I say great see you tonight and can’t wait until I share with you some additional information.


Okay, now the 3 Key Follow Up Questions in Network Marketing.

Now most people when they follow up with people they go to their house and try to get them to build a list of names. Sometimes they get so overbearing and it actually scares the people away from them. So when you leave you can’t seem to get back with them. Well, I would like to share with you some cool things to think about.

When you book the follow-up say I will bring some cookie and you put the coffee on.

When I arrive at their home I love to say let’s sit in the Kitchen and talk. The kitchen is always a warm place to sit where everyone always seems to be happy. The main reason I want to go to the kitchen because it is usually in the back of the house. While I am walking to the kitchen I am observing different things. Maybe golf clubs , Pictures of the kids skiing, Bikes, etc. I am looking for conversations ideas when we first sit down. You don’t want to jump right into everything on how to get started.. Have some fun and get to share a little. Now if they are close friends still have a little fun .

Now the 3 Questions

After we talk and have some cookies. I say hey Bob and Mary I am excited that we are going to be working together. But would you mind if I ask you 3 questions which will really help me on how best I can help you? I immediately pull out my Yellow Pad and pen because I am going to take some notes. I will explain this at a later time.

#1- What Do You Want - #2- When Do You Want It -#3- What Are You Willing To give up To get it-
#1- What Do You Want ? 

#2- When Do You Want It ?

#3- What Are You Willing To give up To get it?


Let’s look at them…

#1- What Do You Want — I want to know what they want from this business. Is it Time,Money ,freedom. A lot of time they say well we want to retire or freedom that they heard mentioned in the presentation. So I like to take it back to maybe what if you could make an extra $500- $1000 a month would that help?

#2 – When Do You Want it? — Remember a lot of people are looking for quick fixes so they might say well I need to make it this month. Can they ? Maybe depending on your Comp plan but be realistic set a 90-day goal for them.

#3- What Are You Willing to give up to Get It ? This is really the most important one… Because based on what time they give into their business will decide if the 90-day goal is feasible. Are they willing to give up some up their fun times for a short time to reach the goals?

Now set up a Time calendar I will show you this on another post this week.

So I hope this helped and don’t forget to share it with your teams…

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