3 A’s Of Having a Great Day

The 3 A’s of Having a great day all require a 4th A called Action.

3 A's


So let’s’ take a look at the 3 A’s of Having a Great day. They are Abundant, Appreciation and Attend……



I always suggest that when you wake up in the morning don’t just jump out of bed but take a Minute and talk to yourself about how you want to have an Abundant Day. I always like to start with saying I AM a Winner. I will win today … Then ask for the things that you want to win today. Today I will meet so and so to help my Business grow. Today someone is going to enter my life that is going to change my life. Today I am going to lose that Fat… Today I will go for that walk in the park and get healthy… So many people only think about the negative things that are going to happen in their day. My boss is going to be pissed, It’s raining I can’t go for a walk. It’s too hard to find good healthy food.  You see most of the time I think we talk ourselves into Failure myself included but I also see things change when I practice the morning of Abundant talk and then keep repeating them throughout the day. I found a great little tool which pushes me to walk it’s called Steps you can get in on your iPhone but when I am trying to do my 10.000 steps and I am a little short I make sure to look at the app and it pushes me to take that extra Lap. Don’t always look for the negative but self-talk the Positive into your daily life.

I actually call this the Art of Appreciation. I think the biggest missed event in a person’s life is their JOB.. Instead of being appreciative that they have a job they complain all day about it. I remember when I was a young Policemen I was always excited about going to work. But there were folks there that all they did was complain about this post and that person and on and on. I use to tell them they should quit and go find something they like because it is a lot of stress to wake up every morning going to do something you hate.
Let me share some tips that I think can really change your day .

Let’s start with work how do you feel when you Boss say’s good job. Sure you feel good but what if your Boss would say .
Hey Joe Great job today. You really handled yourself as a Professional and you made all of our lives better with that extra effort.. Wow don’t you feel really good and you probably would want to do more for that Boss. So if you are a boss, a Team Leader, Events person or employee heed my advice on this one little extra effort on your part to give praise.
Same goes for an employee .. Watch this Good Morning Boss. What separates you from the rest who say that. How about Good Morning Boss I like your Tie, Or what a Lovely Blouse you have on today, Boss. This attracts the boss to want to be around you more so when it might come time to let people go who will go first the people he/She likes round them or the Good Morning Boss Person.Don’t forget promotions.

Social Gatherings/Meetings who doesn’t like the Social Butterfly same thing here I love your tie,dress,shoes etc. But always make sure when you are attending events to alway compliment the person hosting the event and even more thanks, those who are assisting. I have run hundred’s of meeting and I always make sure to mention the people who are helping and ask the people to thanks them… Trust me some of them work harder at the events then the hosts. They also have to put up with the Negative people and complaints. If you do run events make sure to take the time and individually thank your team.

Now let me be clear on this point only give Honest Thanks and compliments. If you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything or find something you like example NICE TIE , NICE SHOES… We use to train people on this and I always wondered if when I told someone I liked their tie if they thought I didn’t like them. I happen to like ties but some people I don’t trust so I am covered………

Now one of the most important is to Attend to your Dream every day..Get in the game of life and show up and Attend and don’t be a bystander.Attend could also be Action… what are your actions every day ? what are you going to Attend to making your dreams a reality ?.. Successful Business, Fat Loss,Friendships, etc. I happened to of had a background in Law Enforcement but also I saw the vision of the Network Marketing Industry when I was in my 30’s. I had a special Dream to be able to add to my pension so when it came the time I didn’t have to take a full-time job or stay in the Police Department even though I loved being a Detective.
So every day I would do the very best at my job but then at night I would have my plan on how to accomplish my bigger dream. It all starts with your Why.. Why are you going to do this. Example you want to lose Fat so what are you going to change?? The foods you eat, your activities throughout the week and your daily and weekly goals. I would suggest like in Business have a mentor and accountability partner maybe someone who will exercise with you to help push each other. if you are in Business same thing you need a mentor and run with the people who have the same mindset as you.
In order to change your life, you have to attend a whole new box of life. I love to teach you gotta think outside the box. You have to attend things that are sometimes uncomfortable as long as they are legal and honest.. Starting a business, Losing Fat ,Exercising,changing your life is all outside the box. People will put you down,laugh and say you will never do it but get around people who will encourage your dream. You Attend everything that will change your World to give you a better life,better health, and associate with the right people.

3 A’s Of Having a Great Day will change your day which will change your week which will change you month your year and most of all your life. So don’t be a Bystander take control of your life.

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